River Changes Route to Federal Road, Devastates Community in Kogi Flooding

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 Oba Jacob Mejedi, the Ajugbonjagun of Orokere Amuro, Mopamuro LGA in Kogi, has appealed to government and other relevant agencies to come to the aid of Amuro people as river has taken over their communities.
The monarch told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday that the river has also taken over some significant parts of Kabba-Ilorin federal road in the area making life difficult for his people and the motorists.
According to him, the river called “Ayamoho River” has changed its route over a decade and flowing directly on the road and into some part of the community, making life unbearable for the people and motorists.
He added that all efforts by the community to control the river back to its normal channel proved abortive due to huge financial involvement.
The royal father, therefore, called on the state, federal government and relevant agencies to to urgently come to their rescue in order to prevent avoidable national disaster.
Hon Dennis Komolafe, former Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Kogi State Government  and the administrator of Amuro Unity Group (AUG), said it was so disheartening that nothing had been done to avert the yearly damages caused by the popular Ayamoho River.
“This is what led to the total damage of Takete -Idde junction couple with the activities  of heavy duty trailers and lorries on the road.
“We implore the federal state government to declare a state of emergency on this river in order to safe our people from the menace caused by this river on yearly  basis,” Dennis said.
Mr Julius Abel, President, Voice of Mopamuro Youths (VOMY), told NAN that the rain that fell in almost all parts of Kogi State on Thursday wrecked havoc in Mopamuro particularly Takete – Idde junction part of the famous Kabba – Ilorin federal road in Orokere Amuro.
According to him, the river escaped its path into the federal road, amounting from lack of proper drainage system and bad road that has been ravaging the area for over a decade.
“There is a rapid need for the river to be controlled back to its initial route to avert impending water disaster.
“Since the road has been initially constructed since 1972, it has never been renovated let alone reconstructed.
“The rate of passage of heavy duty trucks and trailers on the road due to the collapsed 2nd Niger bridge has caused more damage as well.
“We are calling on both State and Federal Governments and their relevant agencies to take up this project as a matter of urgency.
“There are insinuations that the said road has been awarded; it has been awarded since succeeding administrations from the beginning of the 4th republic (1999).
“If truly it has been awarded in this dispensation, we cannot wait till execution period because of the delays in bureaucracy,” Abel said.
He, therefore, appealed to all public office holders at all levels of government in the to do all they could to help save their people from the dangerous road and drainage system.

Ayamoho River in Orokere Effo-Amuro, Takete-Idde Junction, Mopamuro LGA, Kogi State, Changes Route to Federal Road flooding the community

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