Return of the Political Amazon; Unstoppable Force Taking Kogi by Storm

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Barrister Halima Alfa Gaya PhD is one of such individuals when she first expressed her intentions to run as the governor of Kogi state against big political Trojans and heroes particularly Prince Abubakar Audu of blessed memory the last time around, many people laughed at her; that she should concentrate on lobbying for more political appointments or go back to her legal practice instead of wasting her time seeking for any elective positions. But Barrister Halima was more determined. She was not one to be underestimated and proved them wrong with her strong showing at that primaries that produced Prince Abubakar Audu as the guber candidate of the party at that time to the consternation of many.

The political arena is a place where only the strongest, most resilient and most determined individuals can succeed. It is a place where only the bravest can stand, where the odds are often stacked against them and where they are constantly mocked and underestimated. But it is also a place where a true leader can rise, overcome adversity and emerge victorious, proving their doubters wrong.

Today, the Amazon of Kogi politics has returned once again but well prepared and well equipped to take her rightful place in the Kogi political scene and now the momentum and music has changed because she is poised to emerge victorious among the gladiators seeking to be the standard bearer of the APC. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that the momentum this time around has changed because this time around at least no voter in the state is unaware of her candidacy. This is a feat that must be celebrated considering that  she is going for victory by outlasting her competitors in the race.

 Barrister Halima Alfa Gaya  is a visionary leader unmatched in her dedication and passion for serving the people of Kogi state. She is a woman that possesses a unique combination of local and international experiences that makes her exceptionally well equipped to lead the state toward a brighter future. With her meticulous attention to details and unwavering commitments to excellence. Barrister Halima ensures that every task is completed to the highest standard. Her hardworking nature and tireless efforts to deliver on her mandates, if elected, makes her an inspiring figure.

The youth, women and the undecided voters will play a significant part in the upcoming elections and this two demographic are excited that she has decided to contest the next election to be the governor of the state and their quest was achieved when she actually picked the form. So congratulations and goodluck to those thinking that only their die-hard voters can make them win. The numbers of undecided voters greatly outweigh those. Barrister Halima has done her best to win over the support and they are indeed hearing her voice because she deserves it. It is evident from data from INEC that the youth and women constitutes more than half of the voters in Kogi state, and because she is loved by the majority of this demographic it is trite to say that she is the candidate to beat.

If her antecedent is anything to go by, she is ready to in this primary election to choose the candidate of the APC for the guber election proper replicate her strong showing but this time around emerge as the victor.

She has done it in every field of her human endeavours against all odds and this time around it would even be better. Her strongest capital in politics is the fact that even though the world is more familiar with pain than with compassion, she is intensely compassionate and understands the everyday pains of her people even though for a long time our politics has been screwed against them.

 In conclusion, I want to say congratulations to the Kogi people because our advocate of a new type of political dispensation where the people are the owners of their government beckons.

The former Sure-P coordinator for the North Central zone and presently, the chairperson of the Nigerian senators wives association is the determine leader the people of Kogi state needs at this time because she is a mother, a leader, a patriot and never incorruptible. Any attempt to underestimate her at this point would be at the peril of the doubters, as she collects and submit her nomination forms to the glory of God we are confident that she will prevail

– Musa Musawa wrote from Abuja.

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