Rep Member Gives Cash Incentives to Adavi-Okehi Constituents

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Member representing Adavi-Okehi federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga, has reiterated his commitment to providing succour for constituents.

The rep member made this known during an outreach initiative in his constituency over the weekend where he gave out cash incentives to the people he represents.

The initiative, Danga explained, was aimed to alleviate the burden of hunger and financial constraints faced by many within his constituency, particularly in the wake of challenging economic times and unforeseen circumstances.

He also distributed food items and other essential commodities to households across the federal constituency.

The lawmaker explained that he recognized the pressing need to support his constituents, especially the vulnerable and marginalized, reasons for the proactive steps to ensure that no one in his constituency would go without basic necessities.

He added that the gesture not only provided immediate relief to families struggling to put food on the table, but also conveyed a message of solidarity and care from their elected representative.

Hon. Danga said he decided to supervise the process personally so he can interact directly with the people he serves, listening to their concerns, and sharing in their struggles.

Speaking to our reporter, the lawmaker’s media aide, Matthew Samuel, said “as constituents received assistance from their representative, they were reminded that they are not alone in their struggles and that their elected representative stands with them, ready to support and uplift them in their time of need. Honourable Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga’s outreach initiative serves as a shining example of servant-leadership and a beacon of hope for communities facing adversity.

“His presence not only re-assured constituents of his genuine commitment to their well-being but also fostered a sense of connection and trust between the elected representative and the community. By being actively involved in the distribution process, Honourable Danga demonstrated that he is not just a politician but a compassionate leader who is genuinely invested in the welfare of his constituents.

“Honourable Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga’s efforts to reach out to his constituents with cash incentives, all while personally being present, exemplify the essence of compassionate leadership and unwavering dedication to serving the people. His initiative not only provided immediate relief to those in need but also fostered a sense of solidarity and unity within the community.

‘As we navigate through these challenging times, let us draw inspiration from leaders like Honourable Danga, who lead with empathy, integrity and a genuine commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.”

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