Reminder to Ag. President Osinbajo on Pending Swearing-in of Ministers from Kogi, Gombe States

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On March 6, 2016 Ocholi Enojo James, SAN, the then Minister of State Labour and Employment, died in a fatal car accident. Invariably, today is  exactly 479 days that Kogi State has no representative at the Federal Executive Council.
On 3/5/17, Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, confirmed the Ministerial nominees from Kogi and Gombe States – Prof. S. I. Ocheni and Mallam Suĺaiman Hassan respectively, as Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Invariably, today is exactly 58 days the Senate did confirm their nominations by President Muhammadu Buhari as sent on 29/3/2017.
What exactly is delaying the swearing – in of Kogi and Gombe states Ministers by the PRESIDENCY since 58 days after their confirmations by the Senate?
If the Acting President could sign the 2017 Budget into law, what exactly is preventing him from swearing – in these two confirmed Ministers from Kogi and Gombe states?
That of Kogi state is very pathetic for the obvious reason since the death of Ocholi Enojo James, SAN in a fatal car accident since on March 6, 2016.
We call on the Acting President, to without further delay, do the needful by swearing – in the two confirmed Ministers for fairness and justice to the people of the two states.
We also call on the National Assembly to exert their Legislative influences on this strange development in Nigeria.
We call on all the Civil Societies in Nigeria to wake up to  challenging this awkward development that is inimical to our democratic development.
May God heal our President, His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari to return and continue his work for which he was elected by Nigerians.
God bless Acting President, His Excellency Professor Yemi Osinbajo for his continuous management of national affairs in the absence of  our dear President.
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.
– Dr. Usman Ogbo S.

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