Rejoinder: Non-Clearance of Aminu Abubakar Suleiman by Kogi State PDP NASS Screening Committee

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Today been the 28th April 2022, It came to our notice that the results of the screening exercise conducted by the Kogi State PDP National Assembly Screening Committee on the 27th April 2022 was made official. In the release, where like any other one else we were made to understand that our principal Aminu Abubakar Suleiman wasn’t cleared for the primaries citing he “not been a registered voter in Kogi East Senatorial District” as an excuse for his non clearance.

We find this decision quite disturbing and amusing that anyone would by any stretch of imagination decide to embark on such a voyage without been prepared with the only instrument that defines his right to exercise his universal suffrage and berth the peoples mandate.

With this development, it has become expedient to address the only salient issue that was raised amidst the looming confusion the decision has precipitated amongst our teeming supporters. We urge you all to remain calm as there is no cause for alarm.

As you are all aware, the screening itself is a process and a means to an end. It is not yet uhuru as there is room for appeal that we will definitely explore to address whatever misconceptions anyone or the committee may have had about Aminu Abubakar Suleiman’s eligibility to vote and be voted for in today’s Kogi East Senatorial District.

While holding our party and members of the committee in high esteem, we strongly believe that our principal’s documentation and requirements are complete and does not in any way, fall short of compliance with the party’s electoral guidelines for primary elections, the Electoral Act as recently amended and the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The outcome of the first phase of this exercise in the wisdom of the committee has triggered a fundamental question which our friends, supporters and well-wishers are itching to know. While the process for an appeal of the committee’s decision is ongoing, we wish to state unequivocally and without mincing words that:

  1. Aminu Abubakar Suleiman is a registered voter with a verifiable Voter Identification Number VIN90F5A7367.
  2. His Polling unit is at OPEN SPACE IGECHEBA
  3. Registration Area/Ward is IGECHEBA
  4. Local Government is IDAH
  5. State is Kogi State
  6. Delimitation 22/07/03/009

We are constrained at this juncture from providing further details on this matter since it is an ongoing process. We strongly believe that these details however public are verifiable, vital and sufficient for our friends, supporters and associates to keep them abreast of the journey of their preferred choice and that he is determined to follow through.

Assuming without conceding that one is complicit, we have seen in recent times how elected and serving politicians have been drafted, relocated or even transferred from one state to another in an election transition cycle, undergoing this same process without been screened out for want of a resident voter registration profile in the district, constituency or State of interest. Interestingly, he does not in any way fit into this scenario. With the earlier stated facts regarding his voter information in the district, it is quite obvious that they were grossly misapplied and their decision manifestly flawed.

It is at this point we enjoin all members of the AAS Campaign Organization, Friends, Associates and Party members who believe in our cause to remain steadfast, focused, resist the antics of fifth columnists and conspiracy theorists in our quest for a purposeful legislation and representation of the good people of Kogi East Senatorial District.

AAS Media Team
For Aminu Abubakar Suleiman FNIQS

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