Rejoinder: Group Declares Ajaokuta House of Representatives Member Wanted

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Interesting joke of the season!
Our attention have been drawn to a write up by a faceless Socio Political group called Ajaokuta Youth Forum, declaring Hon. Lawal Idrisu, a member Representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency wanted.
The malicious post was said to have been sent through their spokesman, one James Mohammed whom we doubt if he is really from Ajaokuta LG or a home base.
The said post could have been best ignored for for its obviously a sponsored attempt to insult the personality of our amiable Honourable.
But one can not tell how viral this falsified, fabricated and unguarded write up have gone. It is on that note we the Lawal Support Group (LSG), Ajaokuta have decider to write a rejoinder to tell the world the good work Hon. Lawal have done since his assumption of office.
How can you declare wanted a man that virtually every weekend he is at home in Ajaokuta to check the wellbeing of his constituents?
How can you declare wanted a man who even last weekend took his time to tour round Eganyi district, Geregu ward in Ajaokuta district and even Upake ward, the ancestral home of Ebira Nation?. And was intrestingly received by an unimaginable mammoth crowd.
How can you also claim that he doesn’t have a constituency office when in the history of Ajaokuta, Hon. Lawal has got what can actually be called a Constituency office Located in “A” line, JDP estate, Ajaokuta township.?
It is also unscrupulous to claim that, Rt. Hon. Lawal has not done anything since his assumption of office.
permit me to reel out some of the project embarked upon by the people’s Honourable and the one’s in his proposal;
The people’s Honourable upon his assumption of office realised that people are hungry as a result of wrong decisions taken by the last administration of the local government headed by Hon. Aloysius Okino who removed people’s names at will. He embarked on stomach infrastructure which many benefited from, if not all.
They also claim that Hon. Lawal is not bothered about the blackout Adogo and it’s environs have been subjected to about a year ago.
This clearly shows how ignorance they are about Ajaokuta.
Sometimes last year,  Hon. Lawal attempted to fix the abandoned Re-electrification project as has already contacted and mobilised a company to commence work.
But there were clash of interests as The Administrator,  Ajaokuta local government, Hon. Mustapha Aka’aba had also tabled the same project before His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello.
That almost triggered a serious clash within Ajaokuta APC family if not for the quick intervention by some party stakeholders in the state.
Hon. Lawal have decided to channel same fund to another project as his Constituency project. It’s underway.
In case you do not know. Let me also tell the world the importance of women both in politics and in governance. They are indispensable agents for victory in elections and also good ambassadors in various segments of government.
It’s based on the above fact Hon. Lawal think they shouldn’t be used and dumped and he decided to embark on monthly women empowerment of #20,000(Twenty thousand naira)  per head.
In your one sided publication. Your praises went to one quarter while you channelled your rotten voice towards the person of Rt. Hon. Lawal
In conclusion, I want to categorically state that, the said group and his spoke person are so naive or rather ignorance of the happenings in Ajaokuta. And we do not want to point accusing finger but to vehemently warn any disgruntled element who is set to ridicule the person of Rt. Hon. Lawal should to also be prepared for a serious hit back.

Constituency Office

*Be warned!*
God bless Ajaokuta
God bless Governor Yahaya Bello
God bless Hon. Lawal Idrisu.
Courtesy: Lawal Support Group (LSG), Ajaokuta LG

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