Re: The Delusion by Brother Faleke by Ahmed Victor Idowu

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My attention has been drawn to the piece titled and authored as indicated above and wish to correct the obviously skewed postulation of the writer. Referring to Hon. James Faleke as “controversial Deputy governor–elect of Kogi state” smacks of biased reasoning which should be expected from a hireling in the garb of public affairs commentator. The writer who wrote from Enugu has exhibited the typical trait of an off-shore observer not conversant with the realities on ground in Kogi state.

If seeking redress for injustice is now disloyalty to party, by a man who committed so much and contribute to the victory some are bent on inheriting is hunger for power, how then do we describe a man who after losing the primary, abandoned and refused to work for the party; did not even attend a single campaign rally to canvas for votes and who could not win his polling unit, ward and local government be called? What Hon. James Faleke demands is justice not pity but it will be difficult for someone whose senses have been clouded by sentiments of different shades to see things in their proper perspective.

The rendition by the writer of the violence that was unleashed on people by miscreants ferried into Abuja shows the writer is good with fiction but incompetent with reality and sadly economical with the truth. If Hon. Faleke is contesting the injustice meted to him, referring to him as a victim will be stating the obvious. Hon. Faleke has taken the legal option to seek redress and that should not be tagged hatred by any reasonable person. The whole electioneering process was peaceful until Alh. Yahaya Bello was smuggled into the fray. The APC leadership is beginning to realize the enormity its blunder and recalcitrance to an obvious perfidious action hence the reason for the pleading and where it has not achieved results, intensive threats. When issues involving people or individuals are contentious, aggrieved parties should seek judicial resolution which Hon. Faleke has done. As events unfold in the tribunal and courts, the final outcome will confirm which of the mandates is divine.

The discerning can see that Hon. Faleke is the legitimate link to the over 240,000 vote’s grueling and intensive campaign secured and no amount of threat and intimidation can thwart the quest for justice. It is better to let the world know the present and immediate danger to Hon. Faleke for his principled stance to do what is right; after all can anyone really confirm the actual cause of the sudden death of Prince Audu on the verge of a hard-won electoral victory he toiled with Hon. Faleke to achieve?

The courts should be allowed to decide because chiding and denigrating Hon. Faleke for choosing the path of constitutionality is not only amusing but hypocritical for a party who trumpets its devotion to the rule of law. Mr. Ahmed Victor Idowu should stop ludicrous comments on issues alien to him because some of us who went through the whole gamut of electioneering for over 8 weeks can understand and appreciate the repulsion to the brazen hijack of a hard-won mandate by a few individuals. The political scavengers in our midst will soon be put to shame by the judicial declarations on the contrived chaotic situation in Kogi state.

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