RE: Political Interest of Ebira Nation, Fallacy of a Pseudo Group and Vindication of True Omavi Descendants

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The Ebira people, just as the name implies are people of good character, modest and ever tenderhearted. It is out of these unique qualities of Ebira Nation that they first handed over power to another ethnic group on gentlemen’s arrangement on the creation of Kogi State in 1991 following Alhaji Adamu Attah’s reign in Kwara.

Before the contemporary regime had the favour of Ebira Nation, they had supported Igalas and Okuns in various political parties as against their own, this is because Ebira people are not avaricious but only driven by one interest which is following anyone that will not hold on to tribal ethnocentrism, prioritizes security, economic stability, functioning health sectors, equity distribution of powers and positions, youth and women empowerment, and other issues that impact the welfare of its citizens. 

It is often said a lion begets a lion, that is the extraordinary reason their spawn, His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello is exhibiting the true characters of Ebira Nation by first assuming governance in Kogi State with an Agenda called “EbIgO”, burying chauvinism in the State. Governor Bello has become a figure of perfection for his people by deviating from the total past and bringing dividends of democracy to Kogi citizens without taking into cognizance tribes, regions,  religions and class.

To set the record straight, an Omavi Descendant’s Son, Pharm. Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku who has been the Chief of Staff to the same Governor from their second tenure till date worked handily with him, playing major roles in contributing to the development of Ebira Nation and Kogi State at large by providing employment opportunities, infrastructural development and provision of amenities for the benefit of all and sundry. The clan has also fostered waves of peace and unity in Kogi State through their enormous impact in spreading the religion of peace “ISLAM” to the entire Kogites, This brings to mind, the impact of Sheikh Ahmad Rufai (RTA) of blessed memory.

As the storms gathered for politics headed for the forthcoming 2023 election, it is in order to see many rabble-rousers and sycophants promoting despicable dealings to fan an ember of discord within the Ebira enclaves and by extension, Kogi State, but we will never dawdle in responding and putting facts for public consumption. 

It is remarkable to understand that the visitation of the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Muri Ajaka has principally vindicated His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello on the erroneous statement by the microelectronic scoundrels of Kogi State with their purported statement that opposition parties are being restricted from visiting Ebira land for campaigns. Their head could not be buried in shame, hence their unsubstantiated report through a non-existing group, trying to dent the image of the Omavi Descendants and turn Ebira Nation against one another.

An exhibit to reveal that the supposed Ebira Liberal Group was reporting in errors against Omavi’s Descendants can be traceable to their purported stories of political undertakings in 2003. The apparent truth is, Alh. AT Ahmed of Blessed Memory contested for the Kogi Governorship primary election under the platform of the People Democratic Party and lost to His Exc. Alh. Idris Ibrahim. He thereafter became a critical stakeholder of PDP having supporters across the three senatorial districts. However, as the major contenders for the 2003 election were between PDP and ANPP; Hon Kabiru, an Ebira Citizen picked the UNPP ticket to form a third force in Kogi Central. An undeniable truth was that the PDP had already taken over the national administration led by President Olusegun Obasanjo which further intensified the hope of the Kogi PDP in preparation to take over the Kogi Government.

Next to that, AT Ahmed’s support of the Ebira Agenda will be a miscalculation, as the UNPP was a party of the people of Okene Local Government Area only with no recognition from the three districts. More so, if AT Ahmed had defected to UNPP, he obviously knew he wouldn’t have the willpower to move all the PDP Caucasus who were already waiting for appointments and all sorts of benefits owing to the fact that the PDP already won the national election.

AT was just the leader of the party and not the Alpha of the entire PDP structure. It is on record also that PDP unseated an incumbent administration of Gov Abubakar Audu of ANPP. His support for UNPP will have been infinitesimal and a loss to his supporters across the Ebira environs and beyond, and knowing that politics is about interest for yourself and the people, the right channel must be navigated to bring dividends of democracy to the people even as they misunderstood at the early stage. All said and done, AT far along became impactful to Ebira Nation with the influence gained and died a memorable death. 

Having reminisced the history of the fact that transpired, it is now wise to describe the author of “Who claimed Omavi Descendant is known to act parallel to Ebira Agenda” as a conceited individual who is not traceable to Ebiras as a whole, hiding under politics of bitterness and narrow-mindedness to smear the entire clan for cheap recognition and divide Ebira Nation.

For the umpteenth time, the worrywarts should have known that the administration of Gov Bello certified peace and democracy to thrive, and thus Alh. Muri Ajaka was confident to visit Kogi Central for his campaign activities, unlike the Eastern part which is characterized by violence and thereby attacking APC supporters. The peace cherished in Kogi Central politics has further strengthened democracy in the state and placed the incumbent administration high in terms of effective leadership. 

Every Omavi descendant is wise to know that supporting the wave of ethnic agenda promoted by Ajaka is not the right thing to comfy and no one among the clan will be carried away by any instantaneous gains from the opposition bigots to smear his people. More importantly, all Omavi descendants have longed to become ambassadors of the true Kogi Agenda of Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU) as piloted by the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Pharm. Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku and his protégé, Hon. Abdulrasaq Aminu (Okakanda) who is the Special Adviser to Governor Bello on Domestic Matters, and the omavi people will never renege on complimenting the duo to ensure Alh. Ododo Ahmed Usman is delivered as the Next Governor of Kogi State on a landslide.

The activities of an imaginary group called Ebira Liberal Group is a total and abrupt construction of the Tribal extremists who are flying tribal agenda and are also out masquerading cleverly to dent the most trustworthy clan, Omavis and causing divergence among Ebira Nation to their advantage in the forthcoming election, and we must be wise.

– Abdulhameed Ivavah
For: Okakanda Media for Ododo

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