Re: Kogi Gov Race, Audu Best and Last Chance

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Let me start by recognising the ignorance displayed by the writer by comparing Audu Abubakar with the peoples’ General Muhammadu Buhari GMB. GMB stands for an ideology that is well recognised and respected by all Nigerians and the world in general. He was an army officer with a record of excellence, selfless service and uprightness.

Buhari was a minister of petroleum, a head of state and the chairman of PTF; in all these, his performance was clear and definite. No one, either friends or foes has come up with any thing negative of his dealings. He has been investigated severally by government panels, and none came up with a qualify report (apologies to accountants).

Can we say the same of Abubakar Audu?

For the records, Audu’s administration between 1999 and 2003 put Kogi state in the present calamity she has found herself. The report of the transition committee headed by General Tunde Ogbeha did a job when they reported the debt profile of the state and it was described as worrisome and what those money were used for is best answered by the report of EFCC, ICPC and Code of Conduct Bureau.

Whoever compares Buhari with Audu must be doing a great dis-service to human integrity. I am one of those who will not deceive the world by saying Buhari won election in his earlier attempts.

The upcoming 2015 Kogi governorship election cannot be won by a character like Audu, who has no element of a democrat, who has about seven cases of corruption against him, who shows hatred and nepotism during his reign as governor, who carried out screening exercise deliberately to downsize the workforce of the non-Igalas (an agenda that is still on till today).

Not a character like Audu who cannot even manage his home or family. Remember his former wife Aisha contested against him in 2011. Come 2015 election, his first cousin who was his personal assistant and later a Commissioner is contesting against him.

Not a character like Audu who will encourage undemocratic actions in a party that believe in the rule of law. Not a character that his only reason for wanting to be governor again is vengeance, and looting. Not a character who sees the present administration of Captain Idris Wada as best for Kogites as he once described Wada as God-sent at the foundation laying of Kogi House in Abuja.

The coming election is about justice, fair play, sense of belonging and above all, good governance.

There are three senatorial districts in Kogi State; the East with tribes like Igala, Bassa and Idomas. The Central with two major tribes of Ebira and the Yoruba of Ogori/Magongo and the West with tribes like Yoruba and Ebira Koto. One tribe out of all these tribes has been occupying the position of the governor since the creation of the state, and the same tribe come out after every four years blaming themselves for the woes of the state and still we tell others to vote for them again.

The 2015 election will NEVER  be the same as other tribes will determine who will govern them. The slogan, ‘Power Shift’ will receive the much needed action this time around, and since politics is about number, we wish your party all the best  if Audu will be the representative of your much acclaimed ‘New Nigeria’. We say the non-Igala will not vote for him and he will NEVER become the governor of the state again.

To me, this is the worst time for Audu Abubakar to contest Kogi governorship election. A word is enough for the wise.

John ABodunde write from Isanlu, Kogi State

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