Re: Contestants Want Kogi West APC Senatorial Contest Annulled

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One would have ignored this baseless tantrum and consider same as the wailing of failure- doomed political weaklings. But, for the mention of, and allegation against the Speaker as the ring leader of the  state government officials saddled with the responsibility to deliver a particular candidate.
To start with, the claim of the losers that their is a government candidate in the said election, only exists in the warped imagination of the sponsors of the unguarded release. I want to remind them  that they were  in the Glass House on the 5th Sept., 2018 when Alh Yahaya Bello denied the existence  of any rumored government candidates. He went further to encourage all aspirants to feel free to go ahead to purse their aspirations, but in a manner that would not jeopardize the chances of APC at the poll. It is however a  thing of surprise to see such  individuals claiming that the government officials worked with the electoral panelists to deliver a candidate.
I want to sympathise with the losers of the election for the colossal embarrassment they subjected themselves through their abysmal performance at the primary. It is indeed  unimaginable to subject oneself to such ridicule.
The result of the election is a clear  evidence of desires by the losers but sadly without the required strength to galvanize their ambitions to reality. By the result of the election, Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi is not only stronger but is amorphously strong (just like his appellation Atari ajanaku) and too strong for the contestants to contend with.
As good party stalwarts, one would have expected them to be sportsmen enough to be gallant in failure and accept to work with the winner for the interest of the party. Smart Adeyemi won the election with a wide margin of ration 8:1:.4.6 which show that he is a more acceptable candidate than any of them.
Their recent wailing and ranting further confirms reports that 2 of the losers failed to put to effect their evil plans to have the election disrupted by thugs that were camped in  Lisapalm Hotel. Save for the swift intervention of  security and intelligence forces, mayhem would have been unleashed on innocent delegates at the venue. Such heinous act is the peak of an ambition that is highly inordinate and demonstration of wickedness.
It is devilish to ever think that  Mr Speaker who was at that time running around for his own election could have such time and resources to expend on the election of another person.
We wish  to advice the losers to halt this needless campaign of calumny against the Speaker and the other government officials as doing so will amount to a student blaming  his mates for failing an exam he didn’t prepare for.
They are urged to embrace peace for the overall interest of the party.
– Olorunsuwa, Elijah Ola 
S.A. Media to the Speaker

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