RE: Allegations and Response Regarding Technical Disenfranchisement

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First and foremost, I am taken aback by the fact that a person like Kingsley Fanwo, who was recently involved in spreading false information about his own superiors, would have the audacity to speak with such a notable lack of shame and respect for the public.

Regarding the allegation made against Shuaibu Abubakar Audu, the Director General of the Kogi APC Governorship Campaign Council, claiming that he distributed recharge cards that could automatically deactivate the voters’ cards of the recipients, it cannot be labeled as unfounded, particularly since there seems to have been no investigation done to ascertain its validity. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the accuser would be the one to provide evidence of their own wrongdoing; no thief admits to their crimes until caught.

The issue with Bello and his associates lies in their lack of self-reflection, a trait that has been evident since Bello assumed office. As a public figure, it is crucial to subject one’s actions and inactions to public scrutiny, a quality this government seems to be lacking.

It is disheartening to see a spokesperson describe the public as “mentally indolent” for accusing their party of an act they are known for. Instead of resorting to insults, the time could have been better spent presenting evidence to disprove the allegations. The governor himself has demonstrated a willingness to engage in war against the people, as seen through his authorization of killings and labeling of dissenters as terrorists. This attitude, along with the government’s actions, has created an environment that gives rise to concerns raised by INEC and the Nigeria Police regarding the potential for violence during elections. It is shameful that of all the ongoing elections in Imo, Edo, and Kogi, only Kogi has gained notoriety for violence.

It is not the spokesperson’s role to declare who can or cannot win. Let us all focus on our campaigns and abide by the choices made by the electorate. In case you are unaware, Kingsley Fanwo is synonymous with lies in Kogi State. He even disregarded the truth just a day ago when he wrongly alleged that Yahaya Bello had escaped an assassination attempt, only for Bello himself to rebut the baseless lies later on. It is quite confusing, and one wonders if Fanwo himself may be the source of the earlier accusation regarding the use of recharge cards to deactivate voters’ cards. It is indeed possible to link codes to activate or deactivate certain functions, and in this era of technology, it is even possible to remotely alter someone’s phone without physical access. Additionally, it has been confirmed that Shuaibu Audu did distribute recharge cards. However, the reason behind such distribution remains questionable, especially when the government had previously provided rice as palliatives for the people.

I believe the first step for Shuaibu Audu is to deny the allegation of sharing recharge cards. If it turns out to be true, it would signify a grave insensitivity towards the concerns and well-being of his people. The Minister has recently targeted the people of Kogi State, particularly those from Kogi East, in a hostile manner, labeling anyone who does not support his candidate or belong to his party as “hostile.” It is puzzling to see Shuaibu, who himself faced hostility when he attempted to contest for the governorship and was denied participation, now insulting the very people who fought and defended the name of the late Prince Audu. His actions will not go unanswered when the time comes. For someone who seemingly lacks knowledge about his own father and associates with those who previously attacked and opposed us on behalf of Prince Audu, such shameless insults will serve as a reminder in the near future.

Instead of presenting valid arguments to enhance his performance as a minister, Shuaibu has become Yahaya Bello’s follower, attacking individuals who dare to express their opinions. I would like to remind Shuaibu that in the 2015 elections, when Yahaya Bello was elected as governor, our cars were vandalized in Ejule on the election day, and we encountered attacks by thugs in various locations. However, we stood firm in defense of our votes. When we finally reached the Ofu LG collation center at around 12 am, midnight, Makama, who was then in the PDP, attacked us in Ugwolawo in an attempt to overturn the results. We resisted, even when there were gunshots fired from a distance in an attempt to intimidate us. Today, Shuaibu, who knows nothing about his father or the battles we fought to keep the name of Prince Audu alive, is insulting the very people who defended and supported him.

Since we have given you warnings peacefully in the past, and you have ignored them, be prepared to face severe disgrace at the right time. Even Kingsley only described you as having the “capacity to be trusted and followed”. So the same government you are insulting people for does not even trust you. They only see you as having the capacity.

It is sheer foolishness to believe that those who alleged your suspicious distribution of an embedded card a few weeks before the election could only have low IQ. The governor whom you support today has a history of employing any means necessary to manipulate elections. A man who destroys roads that he did not build merely for the sake of elections could easily engage in actions worse than what has been alleged.

In your hometown of Aloma, people are going to bed without food, and their salaries remain unpaid by Yahaya Bello, yet you are distributing recharge cards. It is clear how senseless and naive your actions are. I implore you to refrain from displaying your stupidity in public, as the consequences will gradually unfold.

Salihu Adam Jiddah

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