Purported Shiite-Sunnis Cold War in Okene; Shut Up The Sinister Voice of Devil

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We read with utmost dismay a certain malicious propaganda which went viral on social media space a fortnight ago in which some entities with evil propensity under the rogue name ”Concern Muslim Brothers Kogi Central, purported fallacious, unsubstantiated allegation against the humble personage of Okene Local Government Area Council Administrator, Mallam Abdulrazaq Muhammad for fanning shiit(e)—sunnis silently face-off, (at least that’s how the amatuer writer puts it). We made bold to say that those behind the mischievous post are but the ugly voice of devil hearkening to fuel sectarian turmoil.

The Shia Muslims, which Hon Abdulrazaq Muhammad happens to be an adherent, under a CAC registered name, Ahlulbayt Muslims Community of Ebiraland, in her over three decades evangelism within and suburbs of the ancient city of Okene had never entered a face-off with any other religious and or political entity.

The Shia Muslims Community, in tandem with her universal Shia ideology, live harmonious with other sects within Islamic fold and other religious faithful be it monotheistic or polytheistic. Hence there is no such thing as ‘silently face-off’.

We often invite many scholars from all the four mazhabs of Sunni Islam to give talks in our several occasions. And we also send representatives when invited too. The kernel of Shia evangelism is unity within the Ummah of Muhammad (s). Our good social relationship within our Host community and the nation at large is entrenched in a tenet of Islam tailored from the saying of Imam Ali bin AbiTalib (a) that ”all humans are either brethren in faith or partners in humanity.

On the part of the Hon Administrator of Okene wrongly accused of diplomatically inviting global war, we find these very laughable in addition of been an ignoble evil hatching to perhaps cause mayhem or evoke sicking sentiment of grandiose proportion against the tiny shia population. We dare challenge that the concern Muslim brothers should make available to public so and so names of their members that had been wrongly arrested under the guise of been Boko Haram militia. That the public may demand from the Local Authority for explanation.

Is it by the Administrator’s magnanimous step-up to mediate and profer solutions to the two warring sub-sects (Tijjaniya and lukmaniya Izala) within the Sunni sect, about Abaiso Jumat Mosque, Ozuwaya that the malicious orchestra termed inviting global war between shi’it(e) and Sunni’s? Or is it the long term tussle of Ebiraland imamship between azirimamu and azinayivi that his Excellency Gov Yahaya Bello had delegated his Honor, Mall Abdulrazaq Muhammad to quell and resolve that is diplomatically inviting global war between shiite and Sunni? Or is it when about a month ago Shaykh Lukman Abdullahi himself attempted to usurp the leadership of Ebira Central Mosque and throw etebira into violent turmoil but for the interventionist diligence of Mall Abdulrazaq Muhammad that is diplomatically invoking shi’it-sunni silently face-off? We did not seem to understand how in-fighting between Sunni factions could translate into Shiite-Sunni face-off.

However, the Ebira Nation is familiar with antics of the troublemakers within the ancient city in feigning religious fanaticism and their torrential intolerance throughout the land. Instead of the shadow ’Concern Muslim brothers to unravel the newly embarrassing financial scandal rocking some officials and cleric of Kogi State Hajj Commission they are here busy hatching new rounds of evil against a socially self-preserving Shia community. They should avail their energy to resolve accusations and counter accusations, petitions and counter petitions of damaging nature rocking the Ebira Sunni communities. And never try to drag his Honor, Mal Abdulrazaq Muhammad or any other adherent of the Ahlulbayt Muslim Community into their usual mudslide.

The Ebira Nation know those who are often in the habit of mosque-stealing, forcefully installing imams and imposing their satanic idyll here and there, fomenting troubles and living niggardly. Those who promulgate the principle of gonima (as they define it ~ to robber from everyone whom they considered unbeliever) in their alien ideological beliefs. As all anebira are aware of their mischievous methodology whenever they have evil plan to execute, we suspect that these so called Concern Muslim Brothers, by their recent war-gong, hate-inciting publication, may be planning their usual hit-and-run style orgy making the peaceful Shia populace their evil target.

In order to preserve our non-negotiable unity and sustain our sacrosanct peaceful coexistence, we therefore call on the ancient Kingdom’s hierarchy, the Governor of Kogi State, his Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the Ohinoyi of Ebira Nation, his Imperial Royal Majesty, Dr Ado Ibrahim, the Imam of Ebiraland, his holiness, Imam Musa Abdullahi Galadima, the Administrator of Okene Local Government Area Council, his Honor, Mall Abdulrazaq Muhammad, the State and Local security apparatuses to unveil all those behind these hegemonic voice of division and call them to order.

– Dr el-Kauthar Salami is an adherent of Shia Islam, a Clinical Physiologist, an Educator and Media Aide to Okene  Administrator. On this subject he writes independently and takes sole responsibility for the style of expression herein.

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