Public Relations; A Pillar to Hold Your Organization

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To discuss the public relations officer as the pillar of an organisation we need to first consider what public relation is. According to British institute of public relations. Public relations is a deliberate planned and sustained effort to create and maintain a mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. To “Denny Griswood” a publisher of public relation newsletter, define public relations as a management function which evaluate public attitude, identifies policies and procedures of an organisation with the public interest, execute a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.

In today’s business and non-business operations, public relation has assumed a significant role . Public relation establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between a firm and the public upon its success or failure squarely depends. ‘Sam black’ in the book “practical public relations”, says that the fundamental purpose or public relations practice is to establish a two-way flow of mutual understanding based on truth knowledge and full information.

Public relations as an activities of a specialised personnel or function of an organisation is carried out by expertise and professionals known as public relations officers. The various objectives of public relations which serves as the pillar post and run upon which an organisation is built is execute by the specialist of that field known as the public relations officer.

The activities of public relations officer in anticipating analysing and interpreting public opinion, issues relevant information to all section of the organisation is the pillar upon which the organisations tend and operate. The information coming in and going out of your organization is best maintain and control by expert in this field. Your organization need it.

A public relations officer has intentions of what he want to achieve and this is known as the aim and objectives. Upon this foundation, an organisation is built. Below are some of the various activities of public relations officers which make its termed as ‘the pillar of an organization’s’ and make her activities an essential ones that every organisations should have:

A public relation officer secure and maintain understanding goodwill and cooperation of an organisation publics. He also evaluate the public attitude with a view to change hostile attitudes toward an organisation. Similarly, he also identify and execute programs of action that will be in the interest of the public in order to win public understanding and goodwill.

Also a public relation officer create a positive image of the organisation and inform the public. He therefore improve staff capability by appointing the best set of people for the best job which build the organisation efficiency. He is a forecaster, a thinker and an administrator. Likewise, public relation officer help an organisation to gain credibility by telling it known stories. The truth and important characteristics, feature or advantage of any product, services are stressed and emphasize by PRO to the prospective publics or loyalist. In the same vein, public relations officer bring the component to light and knowledge of the public in New market. This help an organisation to win customers first and prospective customers in the already saturated market.

In addition, public relation officers educate users and consumers about a product or service. It relentless efforts help organisations to regain public confidence after the disasters or crisis. As a creative man, public relations officer as image-makers helps to correct the people’s opinions formed overtime on the particular organisations because of crisis and disasters. This help to regain confidence in the customers about the products or services the organisation offers. In the same thing, he also establish new corporate identity and make public better inform of the company activities and policies. It is the works of public relations officers to inform the public about the activities and the household style and policies of an organization for the audience all the consumers to be able to key in to the policies for easy acceptability. He’s as well into publicities as he get media coverage for the organization. It is the duty of a public relations officers to seek their available Media of coverage for the organisations to publicize their policies their activities and plans that they want they public to know.

Also, the purpose of public relations in an organisation is a pivotal importance to the continued existence of that organisation. Public relation make important contributions to forming and organizing ideas about itselves what they should do and what society wants and expect from it. Thus, PR helps our complex pluralistic society to rich decisions and function more effectively by contributing to mutual understanding among groups and institution.

Public relation is relies on humanistics ideology a social philosophy that place is the broad interest of the people first in all matters pertaining to the conduct or operations of an organisation. Thus, pro is an organisational pillar which hold it from collapsing. Someone with background in media study, mass communication or public relations with apt knowledge will take your organization to a height you ever envisage. Employ the service of a Public relations today, and hostility will become issue of past and your corporate image will be build and stabilize.

– Mark Mmeasoma Favour
Mass Communication Department,
Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba, Kogi State.

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