Professor Pius Adesanmi Vs Kogi Media Aides: Afghanistanism of Responsibility

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Today, July 7th, 2017, the erudite scholar, Prof. Adesanmi, a Kogite, who plies his academic trade in Canada wrote a lengthy piece about the “uncivilised diplomacy” deployed by aides of politicians in Nigeria in defending their principals. He was going for the balls of Lere Olayinka this time. He raised us to a consciousness of the threatening tone Lere used in addressing an intel for cult related mayhem in-the-waiting.
On his page and comment section, Kogites and other Nigerians trooped in to makw comments. Some Nigerians defended Lere Olayinka due to the substance of cultism he addressed, using Badoo of Ikorodu as a premise. The Kogites or those sympathetic to the Kogi cause on his page started mentioning the government aides of the Kogi State Government. A particular contributor questioned, “why haven’t you spoken to Petra about this?”. Another person listed and tagged people like “Nda Aaron, Odaudu Joel Minister, Petra Akinti Onyegbule, Gbenga Gold Olurunpkomi”, im sure the pockets of SSAs recently appointed with duplicated roles, causing problems amongst the already growing problems would also be referenced, but it’s just that these ones aren’t popular.
I’d be very frank with you with reasons. Pius Adesanmi has his style written in Afghanistanism (practice of journalism in avoiding your environment of attend to foreign issues), he barely features the commentary of Kogi state on his wall for the Nigerians eyes to see. Why? I do not understand yet. The other time he spoke about Kogi, it was a semi-comic rendering of how his old mother was owed her workers emoluments from the endless screening of Gov. Yahaya Bello. He also since then been writing about the Nigerians senate, about Osinbajo, about the cabals, about foreign governments, about Donald Trump, but his online advocacy has not shifted compass of corrective advocacy for his own backyard- Kogi State. Perhaps, he finds Kogi too backward to feature on his wall as he is in the national spectacle- our intellectuals are like that.
Let’s us visit real issues.
1. Lumping Odaudu Joel Minister amongst those names is very insultive to those who are seen to be trying amongst the media team. I think I had a face off with him early in this administration when one of their hallelujah bands on his wall said I was under the attack of evil spirit for criticising Gov. Yahaya Bello. He won my respect on how he handled the issue, calling the guy to order. I remember his name, I’ve not seen his comment henceforth. Probably, Odaudu knows such people are bad for the image of his office as the SSA on New Media. He has been professional about his job, I haven’t caught him in the web of vitriol. Other Kogites can confirm this. Lastly, I have met him. He is a gentleman.
2. Gbenga Olorunpomi Gold: I follow Gbenga, I don’t know about others. His posts are usually short. He doesn’t engage others for too long. I haven’t seen him much with tirades. However, he subs the opposition more often. Something normal in democracy, if the content of the information isn’t “government communication”.
3. Kingsley Fanwo: He falls into the category of Lere Olayinka, the ticky-taka kind of rebuttal media aides you find everywhere. He posts more of pictures and prayers on his wall and then responds in strong tones sometimes when the kind of war between Sen. Dino and Yahaya Bello starts- a normal Nigerian pattern of people people shamelessly fighting. But then, he has more of media exposure. He is fair.
4. Petra Akinti Onyegbule: First off, Petra has displayed some calmness overtime, but then, they say old habits wane in drips. She has probably amassed more enemies for herself and even those who don’t know her as she has had a hard time in managing the Kogi audience- this audience that is also very proud, vindictive and highly insultive. She wants to cure people with the truth. She wants to bare her mind like Trump. But then, the misoginist-colony of the populace is already even angry with the fact that she is a “woman” first, then a Chief Press Secretary. She has also combined her office into her personal and public life- a behaviour Nigerians have not evolved to understand, just like Nigeria was too infantile to understand the democratic panache of Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency. Without appearing political correct, she has hit at about anybody who criticises the Governor and sometimes, converted those who don’t actually care into enemies. With that said, I think to be in government is different from being an ordinary citizen that is a social critic. She sits under pressure. That pressure that says, you’re the CPS, -change things. We also all get emotional sometimes. I won’t hold brief for her. But she has put a lot into her job and changed her style in engaging people. Her name only comes up due to the residual of hate that has been recorded by some people.
These coterie of social media aides created jejune psychological labels like:
White Lion.
Godly Politician.
Best Governor in Nigeria, etc to haunt the already haemorrhaging image of a government that is making tough decisions without allowing it time. The media aides of the Governor ought to understand that those labels they create for their principals have caused more damage than good. Infact, in a sycophantic mien, they created an image of ALL-knowing and power drunk Chief of Staff, who from the organogram of the New Direction Blueprint (most of you haven’t read it), is only functioning in that capacity because there’s a hierarchy in the Lugard House, after the Governor, comes himself. He is the chief strategist and corresponds between other aides and the Governor as the “temple guard”. A position they didn’t sell to the public intelligently, rather they brought him up like Jesus Christ, spinning the rumour of a marriage to Mary Magdalene (Yahaya Bello), as if he is even more powerful than the Governor. (What can you say? They always claim to know better).
In fair analysis -most Kogites are very brutish when criticising Government and their fellow citizens. The uncouthness is legendary. The insults are very crude, the attacks sometimes unjustified, “issues are barely discussed”.
Even some people you expect some level of civility from go in the dog approach.
The opposition in Kogi State, the People Democratic Party, PDP is a replica of the shameless prototype of the Femi Fani Kayode Vs Lai Mohammed’s kind of verbal aperture during the 2015 electioneering days. In one of their shameful showmanship, Lai was accused by Femi of wearing “pampers” due to his leaking anus. (You now have an idea).
They create different labels for those seen as government sympathisers while avoiding the real issues. In their sensationalist ignorance, the recurring issues they discuss is: salary payment and closure of institutions- nothing in the form of agenda setting. No critical analysis of projects. No intelligent questions. All they think is 2019. A bunch of playful geeks I’d say.
Also, they rely on”emotive narrative”, a cock only unintelligent people like to caress.
It is a dogma in Kogi State to have a civil, objective or deeply analytical posturing, they create a rythm of – You’re either with Government or With Us. Make una come carry me na.
While we admonish Government officials to be civil in discharging their duties, we should also raise the bar of our criticisms. It shouldn’t always sound like a dog barking at someone. Most serious people don’t pay attention to dogs barking. They want humans to engage them in civility.
Conclusion, the Yahaya Bello media team have improved, still more hands are needed. It is not even about Yahaya Bello, it is about what the crude elements in Kogi are doing to her image nationally. In this same state that some people keep pinching – painfully – tearing the image into scattered smithereens, a criticism of diversification of the economy is being preached by the same opposition. Now, who would come to invest in a state that ALL Kogites say it is bad?
Let me tell you something about Kogi State. Anything new that you bring will sell. The many hotels in the state are being serviced by the civil servants who nights and days complain of non-payment of salaries.
We don’t even have a major “Cold Room” in the state for fish products. If I had the capital, I would pursue this. Kogi is the most safest state in the North central region of Nigeria due to security improvement. From the 15km strategic patrol distance offered by the tag-team of security pool, to the highly militarised Local Vigilante groups who profile and round up local thugs and cultists.
The state government recently made the Highways safer by clearing all bushes on both sides to a 20 meters distance for road users to spot criminal ambush.
We also have a revitalised taxation system. We sell. Now, it is a virgin state. This means that most normal businesses in cosmopolitan areas are yet to be duplicated in kogi. As you know, the strategic location of its centrality to Nigeria champions it as a good “warehouse” or depot for those who intend storage facilities. We are linked to 10 states in Nigeria. It would take 3hrs of safe drive speed limit to hit the FCT from Kogi State.
Up the moutains of Mount Patti, you can see the River Niger and Benue collide into a “Confluence”. I know Government challenges are up and doing, but for the investors, I think this Government needs performance record. Consequently, you’d get support.
We have a 4.5m population that is highly hospitable with the strength of a horse. I can be your guide for information freely any time you need facts about Kogi.
Don’t listen to the damage the Yahaya Bello and the PDP along with the comical Dino Melaye is painting my state with. In the coming season, Kogi’ agricultural investiture would generate a Kogi owned rice- putting us in the calibre of Kebbi and Lagos State.
I would end by saying Nigerians should ask Prof. Pius Adesanmi why he is not facing Kogi State like some of us, to make the state work.
His criticisms should be a traject of the confluence state. Charity is learned from the roots.
–  Promise Emmanuel.

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