Prince Audu and His Adu-Oja Phenomenon in Contemporary Politics

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The servant-leader concept of leadership introduced into governance by the late political sage that catalysed plethora developmental strides in Kogi state at its inception has become the needed panacea to transit Kogi State from it present level to equal pedestal of development with other advanced states in the country.

A critical and analytical study of the development of Kogi State had shown detour in deficit along the pathway of development painstakingly put in place by His Excellency Late Prince Abubakar Audu.

This development has become of a deep concern to most Kogites. No doubt, his infrastrural legacies stands tall as symbol of the coinage ‘dividends of democracy’ in the history of Kogi State.

From construction of various road projects – rural and urban – to the establishment of virtually major institutions in the state, construction of major housing estates such as the Commissioners quarter, Lokongoma house estates phases 1&2, 1st 200 housing units, to make mention of his developmental strides is to over stretch the length of this piece which intends to concise.

Prince Abubakar Audu brought honour to Kogi State. Through this, he was able to win seven of the Leadership awards organized by the Senator Smart Adeyemi led Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) in conjunction with the Ministry of Information headed by Professor Jerry Gana despite been in the opposition party. His works distinguished him far above his peers.

This was made possible because Prince Abubakar Audu political leadership was about service with a turning propensity and abiding willingness to sacrifice self for the common good of all. To him there was no better reward for a leader than the joy of knowing that the fruits of leadership has yielded appreciable value in improving the lives of the led. This was the political wisdom that consistently guided the policy direction, focus and programmes of Prince Abubakar Audu when he governed Kogi State.

The golden pages of this sage remains unmatched by successive administrations and it calls for concern by all and sundry. His departure from office of the Executive Governor of Kogi State shouldn’t mark the end of development but should be a pointer for others to surpass. This can only be achieved by sacrificial leadership above self aggrandizement of wealth.

As we mark the fifth year departure from this time bound life to the endless eternity with his creator, we can only describe our late leader as unarguably the father and moulder of modern Kogi State. We pray Almighty Allah grant him eternal rest and forgive his shortcomings.

– Michael Achor Joshua
Acting National Coordinator,
Igala Nation Development Initiative(INDI)

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