President Buhari’s Travellings, A Needful Move – Balogun Emmanuel

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Most Nigerians are very pleased and feel at ease with President Buhari’s approach to governance. No doubt a few feel differently, but then, no leader in world history  however great his achievements was ever loved by all citizens.

Recently, President Buhari has been travelling to different countries to discuss sensitive issues, attending official meetings and, at the same time, offering different peace treaties that will strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and other business-like, thriving countries hence there’s no logic in questioning Buhari’s administration for its nine months in power for globe-trotting meanwhile, some other Nigerians, quite a few of them animated by
partisan sentiments, in the maddening pseudo- contest, mustered up the courage to demean, they ask: what is Buhari travelling for, two, don’t you know it is trifling and detrimental? Truly, time will be our answer.

At any rate, it’s apparently deceitful and unwise to believe president Buhari must treat our national blemish in nine months, when you expected Jonathan to treat the blemish for ten years as planned.

Jonathan ruled for six years and some were supporting him to rule for another four years, making ten years if re-elected. No doubt, to this end, hypocrisy is when you are expecting Buhari to treat the blemish for nine months and you expected Jonathan to do the same for ten years then, because it failed to transpire so.

Conclusively, there are some official invitations Buhari must honour like the invitations from AU, UN, OPEC, and so on. Certainly, in any case, it’s not frivolous. We must not forget that it will take some years to treat the blemish of
this nation. Of course, the dwindling economy, is heartrending. But, impatience is not a virtue. Especially in a terrible clime, like Nigeria, that was ruled by some trenchermen for many years without any strong opposition. Indeed, we have to be patient and, at the same time, assertive and objective. No doubt, we must criticize Buhari when it is expected and helpful, because constructive criticism is part of the groundwork of real leadership.

Sent by Balogun Emmanuel Funsho, from University Of Ilorin.

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