Post NYSC Fear?

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In every thousands of youth service corps members passing out at each batches, ninety percent of them don’t know what to engage their precious life in immediately after NYSC. This is because the decision of how to face the reality of life after NYSC is not preempted, rather it surface at the verge of rounding up their service year as a youth corps member.

Yes, life after NYSC is really disturbing and heart wrecking in our society due to undocumented millions of graduates flooding the street with the quest to secure a life saving job. 

Often than not, the first question that accrue to their mind is; what does life has for me after NYSC? What about those age long graduates that have been roaming the street?  what and who would I depend on after NYSC? 

Come to think of it, who and what were you depending on prior to NYSC? Why are you so much concerned about life after NYSC? Is it because of the paltry #33,000 that could not solved all your problems? Is it because you forethought that NYSC will continue forever, and unfortunately they are winding you out of the scheme?

Historically and in practicum, it is obvious that there is nothing like pension for serving corps members before you were mobilized. Since life prior to NYSC offered magnitude of hope and opportunity, so is life after NYSC. 

The good news I have for you today is that; do not allow anybody thoughts and afterthoughts despair and create an emotional imbalance that is capable of leading you into depression.

It is apparent that plethora of graduates in our society don’t have anything to lay their hands, but it is pertinent to realize that we maintain different identity, varied ideology, destiny and degree of creativity. If you are in the state of know of these aspect of human life, why disturbing your inner peace over something that will prevail naturally. We are naturally programmed to act within a certain limit, you cannot exert more efforts than what you re doing currently. 

It is not a naysaying that there is no job opportunity in our country and the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is very alarming and our higher institutions are graduating thousands of students annually. However, government and private sectors are still recruiting. Why can’t you give yourself hope? 

When you applied for Joint Admission and  matriculation board (Jamb), don’t you know that millions of graduates are on ground? Reduce your worry about the future.

God Almighty brought you to this world through your parents, if your parents don’t  wield enough influence to land you your dreamed job, why not call on the person that brought you to this world through your parents? We need to be wise sometimes.

Nevertheless, some of us have already damaged our future before stepping into the labour market. You remember the atrocities you committed on campus all in the name of ‘catching fun’ and you personally refused to honor that promise you made with Mary, and Maryam. How sure are you that it is not the fake promise that is haunting you now? 

Do not put yourself under any emotional pressure. The future is not yours to determine, you only have to do your best and leave the rest for God.

Again, be wary of those you tag as your mentor, because many have limited and myopic sense of reasoning, consequently, discouraging you in the journey of life. They often run into hasty generalization because their journey to greatness appears tough and rough.

Optimism should always be your behavioral disposition. My bosom friend, who double as brother, Muhammed Hamza used to say, “I don’t have now but it’s obvious that every thing will be bright tomorrow” with smile on his glowing face.

If Mr. Yusuf should tell you that “job is scarce and you have passed out”, reply him that we are not the same. Your own job is definitely on the way.

– Abubakar Yunusa writes from Abuja.

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