Polls: March 2 and Queen Habeeba’s Better Fortunes

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It is obvious even to the blind and loud to the deaf, that permutations for 2019 general elections is gradually taking a centre stage in the public space of discourse. Politicians have started widespread political consultations, alliances, repositioning, restrategizing, and mobilization are covertly ongoing.

Lokoja I constituency is also a centre of attraction as politicians have started consultations, scheming to outsmart their political opponents. The dynamism of the game is seem to take a new dimension as the name of Hon Queenbeebat Aliyu, a grass root politician, a fashionista with an international recognition, a lady that many call, regarded as a ”super sonic heroines eaglets” and a daughter discovered in the confluence city of Lokoja.

The discovery of Queen Habeeba is never far from the fact that her legendary life of modeling the lives of windows, orphans and the less privilege has turned her a spotted eaglets soaring high to the altitude stage of leadership.

A divine call that she answer to better work for the people that have entrust on her confidence and respect of a noble woman. Her motherly character has translated to a huge leadership feat that the constituency cannot afford to miss her again in the coming March 2nd State House of Assembly elections.

What is more interesting about the vision of this lady is the agenda she set to realise for the youths of Lokoja I Constituency from 2019 and beyond, knowing well that they are key deciding factor in determining a vibrant economy. To her, once the youths are empowered the economy of any place will stand to get a pillar that will not be easy for anything or anybody to break.

Also, it is becoming evident that the youths have broken the barriers of low self-esteem; one of the possible reasons Habeeba was discovered by thousand of youths in the constituency because she is a youth with indefectible youthful age. No wonder she took a bold steps, wearing the confidence of a lioness to go and get what belongs to any good person of the constituency.

She is known to be a friend to all people close or afar off to push away the politics of using and dumping the youths after elections have come to an end.

The view of many youths suggest that Habeeba will realize their dreams as money without any previous visible impact on the people and track-record of achievement is a political liability.

The understanding of political dynamism of Nigerian politics and Lokoja I constituency  inclusive is changing from blind support base on ethnicity or religion to politics of personality whose character is masses inclined.

I borrow the words of a world renown motivational speaker, Dr Myles Monroe that politics of tribe, religion and ethnicity if permitted will be a cancer that will aid self-centered leaders to power, they will become richer when they get to power, while the owners of the mandate that got them to power become poorer, so does the cycle goes if there is no conscious efforts to break it.

Being a woman for the masses, Habeeba a servant who is willing to follow the bidding of the mandate givers (electorates) who can only be empowered through a good leader that will use the principles of politics, economics and better ideology. A visionary leader is change personify that will make the lives of people better than they were. This is the passion of this down to earth woman of our time.

Going by the track-record of Queen whose philanthropic life style is to create wealth for people and to live a life of service to the little or much she has gotten, not living a life of personal aggrandizement; accumulating wealth for inordinate ambition and sentiments soaked glory.

A call to all the people of Lokoja I constituency of Kogi state not to be impressed by political office holders who do not have them at the center stage. Politicians whose agenda is not the people but their “stomach infrastructure” and be careful to realise that performance in office has nothing to do with age. But visionary leadership and total commitment to serve. It is for God, as a matter of duty, to discern those that are genuinely interested in serving the people from those that have natural tendencies to neglected them on voting into power.

The time has come and the time is now, for the 5 wards of Lokoja I to make a destiny changing decision, to once again reshape the ruined areas and deserted communities of the people of the areas. A wising up thought provoking moment to say yes to Queen Habeeba for the next House of Assembly.

– Abbas Yahaya

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