Political Party Democracy and Evil of an Ungodly Reward System: The Need for Restitution

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The evil of rewarding betrayal and punishing loyalty in the realm of politics, is unfortunately a common occurrence. It is the height of evil and terribly demoralizingly ungodly act when the reward system in politics incentivizes people to mobilize and campaign for the victory of a particular political party or candidate in an election, only for that party or politician to turn around and reward those who worked against him, while abusing and punishing those who worked tirelessly for his victory.

The political party system in Nigeria, like in many other countries, plays a crucial role in shaping the country’s governance and policies. However, the reward system within these political parties and by elected politicians has been plagued with unfairness, injustice, and ungodly practices. The Holy Bible warns against the reproach that unrighteousness can cause with a skewed reward system.

In Nigeria, we often see a scenario where those who put in the least effort or who have the least commitment to the party projects end up reaping the most rewards after electoral victories. This is a stark contradiction to the principles of fairness, justice, and righteousness that should be guiding principles in the political party democracy. Rather than rewarding those who have worked tirelessly for the success of the party, we see instances where those who did nothing during campaigns being the ones enjoying the benefits of political electoral victory.

The reward system in the political party democratic culture in Nigeria seems to agree with the dictum “Monkey works baboon chop.” In this system, there are two sets of people who bountifully receive and enjoy the benefits of the results of elections and its reward system. The first set includes those who did nothing during the entire period of the rigorous campaigns. These individuals may be members of the same political party, but they are clearly not committed to the cause. They do not actively participate in campaign events or engage in any activities to promote the party’s agenda. Despite their lack of involvement, they still manage to bountifully reap the rewards of the election victory.

The second set of individuals who benefit from the reward system are those who are excellent in lobbying. They may not have participated in the day-to-day campaign activities, they May not even be members of the party but they excel in behind-the-scenes negotiations, pusshing and alliances. These individuals are like the baboons that eat away the labor of the monkey – they leverage their connections and influence to secure rewards and benefits after the election. They say “they sabi politics”

The act of political leaders listening to lies, rumors, and gossips from these fairweather supporters only serves to perpetuate the culture of betrayal and deceit in politics. Those who peddle falsehoods and misinformation are often rewarded with influence and power, while those who speak the truth are marginalized and ostracized.

This reward system in any political party democratic culture raises questions about loyalty and fairness. Should individuals who did not contribute to the success of the party be rewarded in disfavour those who put in the time and effort to campaign? Should those who engage in lobbying and backroom deals be rewarded more than those who actively work on the ground to mobilize support for the party?

These questions highlight the complexities of the political reward system in Nigeria and the challenges of maintaining a balance between rewarding party loyalty and disloyalty. Ultimately, the dictum “Monkey works baboon chop” reflects the reality of the political landscape in our own state, where not those who works hard receives a fair share of the rewards. It is a reminder that politics can be a messy business, where power and influence often trump principles and dedication. As we continues to navigate our democratic journey, finding ways to address the inequities in the political reward system will be essential to building a more inclusive and just party membership.

The sorry case of those of us the foundation members of the APC in Kogi state is a clear example of the injustice that pervades the political party system. Despite our unwavering commitment and sacrifices for the party from 2013 to date, we have been overlooked and marginalized in favor of those who did not contribute anything, who infact were in another party. It is disheartening to see loyal party members, who have been in AD, AC ACN and Now APC since 1999 being sidelined and not rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

When we were informed in Kogi state by those who joined APC midway that those of us above the age of sixty years can not be considered for any form of reward after the very crucial roles we played in the landslide victory that ushered in a youthful government, an APC government, it was indeed an ugly slap in our faces. Despite the contributions we made collectively and individually, we found ourselves on an ungodly pedestal of an unfair and ungodly reward system.This unfortunately had remained our lot till date.

Many of the individuals who now control the APC party and government in Kogi state were either not present in the state when the party was formed or were part of the opposition PDP. They were indeed proofed not to be card carrying members of the party at the twillight of the last regime.This situation further exemplifies the injustice faced by loyal party members who have dedicated themselves to the party since 2013 till date.

The Memory of late Prince Abubakar Audu in the political realm of Kogi state, especially with the annulment of his 2015 landslide Gubernatorial election victory will foreever remain green in the minds of the people of Kogi state, no matter the self deceitfull struggle to wish it away.

Late Prince Abubakar Audu and Hon. James Abiodun Faleke in Kogi state serves as a stark reminder of the evils of an unfair and terribly ungodly reward system. Despite their significant contributions and financial support to the party, they were denied the rewards they rightfully deserved after midwifing the party to a landslide election victory in the 2015 Gubernatorial election. This act not only demoralizes loyal party members but also undermines the very essence of democracy and justice.

Both Prince Abubakar Audu and Hon. James Abiodun Faleke were thoroughly dedicated leaders of APC from the foundation. They worked tirelessly to promote its agenda and support its Presidential candidate of Muhammadu Buhari to victory. They both invested significant time, effort, and resources into the party, believing that their contributions would be recognized and rewarded. However, when it was most expected, they were left empty-handed, cast aside in favor of someone totally new and strange to the toils in the party ftom inception.

Kogi people have a strong believe and Trust in the very high capacity of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to wholeheartedly restitute the tremendouly immoral abnomally someday

The decision of the party leadership to disregard the contributions and sacrifices made by loyal members is not only morally wrong but also goes against the principles of fairness and righteousness. It sends a message that hard work and dedication do not matter, and that political success is based more on personal connections and backroom deals than on merit and integrity.

This kind of behavior not only damages the reputation of any party but also erodes public trust in the political system as a whole. It creates a culture of cynicism and disillusionment, where citizens feel powerless and marginalized, and where the voices of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

The people of Kogi state deserve better. They deserve a political system that values and rewards integrity, hard work, loyalty and dedication. They deserve leaders who will put the interests of the people above their own personal gain and ambition. It is high time that the party system recognizes and rewards those who have worked tirelessly for its success, and that it holds accountable those who seek to manipulate and exploit it for

The foundation members of APC in Kogi state deserve a fair and just reward system that values merit and integrity above personal connections and self-interest. It is time for restitution.

The case of the foundation members of the APC in Kogi state sheds light on the injustices prevalent in the political party system. It is imperative that loyal party members are acknowledged and rewarded for their dedication and hard work. The current situation is not only unfair but also detrimental to the principles of democracy and justice. It is vital that steps are taken to rectify this situation and ensure that loyalty and commitment are valued and rewarded within the party system.

In order to combat this toxic reward system and restore integrity to the political party process, it is essential for both politicians and party Leadership to prioritize honesty, loyalty, and integrity above personal gain. Politicians must hold themselves accountable for their actions and refrain from rewarding betrayal or punishing loyalty. Voters, on the other hand, must demand transparency and ethical behavior from their elected officials, and hold them accountable for their actions.

The Bible reminds us that it is righteousness that exalts a nation. It is high time that political parties in Nigeria adhere to this principle. The practice of using people for campaigns and then discarding them after victory is not only unethical but also ungodly. Party leaders must ensure that loyalty, commitment, and sacrifice are duly rewarded, and that justice and fairness prevail in the reward system.

The evil of an ungodly reward system in political party democracy in Nigeria must be addressed and rectified. It is time for party leaders to prioritize justice, righteousness, and fairness in their reward system, and to ensure that those who have toiled and sacrificed for the party are duly recognized and rewarded. Only then can they be truly seen to be upholding the principles of democracy and ensure a better future for our country.

– Musa Asiru Bakare was the Kogi State Secretary, Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) and now Kogi state Coordinator, Tinubu Support Organisation (TSO)

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