Political Corruption in Nigeria; Clergy Fingers Colleagues

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By Mohammed Yabagi.
The inability of some Pastors to preach against the ills of corruption and its attendant consequences to the political class has been identified as one of the reasons of its continuous festering.
The Area Superintendent of the Apostolic Churh of Nigeria, Lokoja Area Territory, Pastor Alfred Amode made the confirmation, Sunday, at a press conference to mark the Church 30th Convention at the Area Headquarters in Lokoja.
The clergyman, who reasoned that the Church discourages its members from participating in politics partly for that reason, said it is perverted by corruption, and noted they are regularly praying for the leaders at all levels.
While reacting to this year’s theme for the event as taken from the books of Matthew 16:18 which reads; “I will build my Church and the Gates of Hell Shall not Prevail Against it,” the clergyman said the Lord gave them the theme to remind believers that He has good plans for them.
Pastor Amode stressed that the country was suffering in the midst of plenty, and noted that if the resources at its disposal are judiciously utilised, its citizens have no reason to suffer poverty and underdevelopment.
He opined that the Church was part of the home, and called on Nigerians to give their children proper upbringing and avoid anything that would corrupt their morals, adding that if that is achieved, the society would be better for it.
Earlier, Pastor Felix Olotu who represented the Vice President of the Church in the country, Pastor Emmanuel Awojide, had told journalists about the significance of the event, saying God gave them the convention to make believers better rooted in their understanding of divine workings.
He said the fear of God was important as it was the only thing that brings people closer to the Almighty and give them reasons to be just to their fellow human beings.
Pastor Awojide, who expressed appreciation over the growth being experienced in the Church over the years, admonished leaders and followers to have the fear of God so as to engender peace and prosperity in the society.
On his part, the Guest Speaker at the convention, Pastor Tope Aremu from Maryland in the United States of America, also bemoaned the level of maladministration in the nation, saying it has breed underdevelopment in all spheres of life in the country.
His paper focused on how ministers of God would impact  their congregation positively, and said it was prepared to help the young clergymen to be effective in their message delivery.

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