POHAN Commiserate With Vice President Shettima on Step Mother’s Death

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The Public Office Holders Association of Nigeria (POHAN) has expressed heartfelt condolences to Vice President Kashim Shetima on the unfortunate loss of his stepmother.

In a statement signed by the National President, Dr. MD Eseyin, POHAN prayed the Vice President find comfort in the love and support of his friends, loved ones, and the Nigerian nation during this time of bereavement.

The statement read:

“We understand that losing a family member is an immense personal loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with Senator Shetima and his family during this difficult time.

“As the official umbrella association for public office holders in Nigeria, POHAN is committed to providing support and standing by our own during crucial moments. The National Secretariat of POHAN stands firmly with Vice President Senator Kashim Shetima, ensuring that he has our unwavering support and sympathy.

“Senator Kashim Shetima has been an exceptional ambassador and a rallying point for all members of POHAN. It is our duty and obligation to extend our sympathies and offer our support during this time of grief. We understand the significance of standing united as a collective body, and we aim to be a pillar of strength for all public office holders in Nigeria.

“It is our hope that our sincere condolences can provide some solace to Vice President Senator Kashim Shetima and his family. We assure him that he has the support and solidarity of the entire POHAN community. Together, we will navigate through this difficult period, providing assistance and understanding every step of the way.”

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