PMB Is Indeed A Bridge Builder

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He may not be a perfect human being, but, his patriotism and commitment towards a greater Nigeria is legendary. A posture that has attracted more enemies and hatred for him from the corrupt elites and their cronies, while the silent and poor majority are getting glued to him with love.

A section of the Nigerian society may have deliberately and maliciously twisted or misquoted him in the past using some compromised media outlets, all in the quest to rubbish him, but, his actions and inactions have continuously vindicated him.

Some of his humanitarian and people oriented actions since his inauguration as the elected President in 2015 has proven that he is indeed a true patriot and a bridge builder, not an ethnic or religion jingoist as the nay sayers may want to portray him.

One of his first actions on assumption of duty as President that made him so dear to the well meaning Nigerians was giving bailout to so many States that could not pay salaries without discrimination.

Another very good decision of the present Buhari/Osinbajo led government that has proven the sponsored blackmailers wrong was his bold step to pay the pension of Biafran police that were hitherto rejected.

Despite all the sponsored secessionist by the corrupt elements from the eastern part of the country to distract him, that did not stop him from starting the ongoing construction of second Niger Bridge.

It is also worthy to note his historical declaration of June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy Day. A move that was seen differently by different people. While the well meaning Nigerians saw it as the best thing that could happened to Nigeria, the naysayers and their corrupt cronies saw it as a political move towards 2019 general election. For me, it was the best Democratic gift to Nigerians and the man who laid his life for the democracy we are enjoying today.

What a patriot! just last week he gave approval for the payment of the entitlements of the Nigeria Airways workers.

You may wish to recall that government, in the past, decided just to liquidate Nigeria Airways without tending to the issue of the entitlements of the workers and they have been struggling to get that paid. But, were turned down by the successive administrations of the same people in the wailing community today.

Like I said earlier, President Muhammad Buhari and his ever patriotic Vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo are not perfect as human being, but, have shown to have all it takes and the wherewithal to take Nigeria to the next level of development as proven by their giant strides for the past three years.

Conclusively, I decided to concentrate on these few aforementioned decisions of the Buhari led government to once more expose the antics of the corrupt elements who squandered our common resources and have constantly sponsored falsehood to malign and tag President Muhammad Buhari as ethnic and religion champion even when all the available evidences has proven otherwise.

No doubt he is out to right the wrong of the past.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

– Yahaya Wada

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