Planned Recall of Dino Melaye by Yahaya Bello and Cronies; A Futile Attempt and Misplacement of Priorities

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A political accident happened in 2015 when the person Kogi people voted for suddenly died leading to the imposition of an inexperienced political entity on the good people by forces external to Kogi politics ably supported by Senator Dino Melaye. This miscarriage of justice has come full circle to hunt all those that were part of that macabre dance, and vindicated those of us that rejected and challenged the imposition.
Despite the huge resources that accrued to Alhaji Yahaya Bello (AYB) in less than two years in office, the generality of Kogi people have suffered untold hardship in the hands of AYB, ranging from unpaid salaries and pensions for more than15 months, heightened insecurity, complete collapse of infrastructure (while other governors commission completed road projects, AYB flag off road construction efforts and non have been completed till date), our children in Kogi tertiary institutions have been at home for the past 5 months with no hope of resumption anytime soon.
The truth is, AYB never campaigned to the good people of Kogi, he did not even vote during the election, so inflicting pain on the people must have made sense to him since he neither laboured for the mandate nor make electoral promises during electioneering campaign. What do you then expect from an emergency governor who was not prepared, and also surrounded himself with ¬†inexperienced administrators? Obviously nothing good can come out of this government, especially, when he has decided to abandon his primary duty of good governance to spending energy and wasting resources on frivolities. Many people had termed AYB emergence as divine, if that is true, God must have been sorely disappointed with his performance in Kogi so far, as I know that God doesn’t take delight in inflicting untold hardship on his people. I also know that the kingdom of devil and his agent exist.
When I first received information that, AYB is funding the recall of Senator Dino Melaye, I took it as one huge joke but after spending millions of Kogi State money on a senseless protest at the INEC Abuja office, and now spending hundreds of millions collating signature in this futile effort, I concluded that it is time to speak up against this insensitivity of the governor to the plight of Kogi people. If the governor have so much money to spend on this type of wasteful exercise why did he not use such money to pay civil servants/pensioners he has been owing for more than 15 months? why can’t he use such huge funds to empower thousand of unemployed women and youths? why can’t AYB direct the energy and resources to get our children who have been at home for five months back to school? The planting season came without any support to the farmers from AYB government in form of farm inputs and implements (how then can we regain our lost status as “the food basket of the nation”).
The complete failure today to get people surrender their voters card for a fee is a strong signal that the exercise have failed despite the huge resources deployed. My advice to AYB is to sit up and serve the people he has mandate to work for, four years is the term, and what happens thereafter will largely depend on Kogi people perception about his service to them. Let me also advice that, the appointees in Kogi West make more enemies for AYB government, and funnily too most of them cannot deliver their polling units during election, remember in 2015 they all worked for PDP but lost to APC, and I must tell you that they will lose even more in subsequent elections. Those appointee “playing the childish game of a futile recall bid” cannot succeed in recalling Senator Dino Melaye, so stop wasting our resources and our time.
Finally, AYB can still do damage control by recalling these jesters who are exploiting the current crisis to make money for themselves but end up creating more enemies for AYB, reconcile with Senator Dino Melaye and APC exco for the benefit of the State, and stop getting enmeshed in avoidable controversies. This will allow AYB to concentrate his energy on delivering good governance, and rebuild the prospect for his political future. Also, I call on Senator Dino Melaye to sheath his sword, reconcile with AYB and work with AYB for the benefit of Kogi people.
A word is enough for the wise.
– Engr. Olusola George Olumoroti (OGO)

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