Pivotal Role of Youths in the Development of Nigeria’s Democracy

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A country that dreams about sustainable development can never achieve much without proper consideration of the youths, putting their activities at the front burner; be it political, economical, educational, empowerment, capacity building or otherwise.

There can never be an effective democratic process of governance without the involvement of the youths, either directly or indirectly.

The change needed in Nigeria cannot become reality, if the youths don’t stand in one accord with a social contract to really restore the dignity of the country, State, Constituency or Local Government Area as the case may be. 

The youths are the major factor that is always considered in the process of electioneering because they are effective, huge in terms of demography and vastly dominate the working class.  Notwithstanding, the Nigeria youth are not meant to be tagged, manipulated or used for the negative acts. 

The advent of the new world order will give room for the rise of the underdogs and youthfulness either in mind, age, body or disposal to life is needed. The youths have suffered much in the hands of many selfish, greedy and evil politicians or political leaders in recent time in Nigeria and by extension, Africa.

Prior to this dispensation and till date, youths are always tools to be used for political violence, terrorism, thuggery, assassinations, rigging of elections, bribing chains and much more. However, all these are unhealthy to a progressive system of governance in our dear country. Better still, the same energy could be channeled towards championing a new course that will turn the tides and give the country a better global image and relevance. 

The old politicians have brainwashed many youths to the extent that they attach no relevant value to society, out of being gullible. Some of these  results in colossal loss of lives and property. Some youths also engage in highway robbery, drug addiction, chain smoking and become nuisance around our communities with seemingly no future ambition.

There can never be a better democratic system if the youths don’t act now, either to get involved by being voted in or to choose to stand firmly in support of competent leadership at various levels of governance.

In the words of one of Nigeria hero’s past, Aminu Kano; “Nigeria will know no peace until the son of a nobody, can become somebody, without knowing anybody”

We might not be able to correct the past, but we can create a new future with dignity and development in focus. We can still get it right for a better democratic process to enshrine good governance. Bad leadership will soon become history in Nigeria if we take the sustained right step today. 

Youths rise up! and take your place in the history of our great country Nigeria. Make all efforts to know and do good anywhere and level you are and over a time, the result will  be unimaginable. The time to act is now and never tomorrow.

– Ogbeni Enimola Mike

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