PDP’s Opinions Are Not Needed in Kogi Assembly Crisis Resolution – Onogwu Galacticus

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You see, History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. Adult Hitler once said “Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people… Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea.
Who is still assuring the People’s Democratic Party, Kogi State that the people still listen to their stories even if there were true?.
The dead on arrival, wicked, inhuman, selfish position of the PDP as to the peaceful resolution of the Kogi State House of Assembly Crisis did not only affirm its appellation of Papa Deceive Pickin but a lost of HONOUR by those who even thought of objecting the resolution.
I write to respond to the statement issued by the PDP that ‘it distances itself from the reconciliation of the factions of the Kogi state assembly’.
No body doubts this statement coming from a party that is only good in turning opportunity to mishaps, the PDP who created the crisis in the Assembly by forcefully removing Rt Honorable Abdullah Bello and installed Momojimoh Lawal, a situation that installed crisis In the assembly since 2011 until its final resolution on the 24th of June, 2016 can’t be happy the crisis is resolved.
What the PDP had in the state was nothing but an increasingly gridlocked governmental system incapable of enacting serious policy revisions, in effect bankrupted itself by committing an inordinate trouble spots across the state while the people suffered. No one brings the PDP close when issues of public importance are to be discussed and that they had affirmed by distancing themselves from the peaceful resolution of the protracted assembly crisis.
Since the beginning of the crisis, what efforts had the PDP made in resolving it since it gave birth to it? What help has the PDP rendered to its members who were almost consumed by the crisis for over a year now?  PDP in their every man to himself fashion could not provide a lawyer non render financial assistant to the then embattled members but only hope the crisis ligers and to continue to destabilize the peace of the state.
The Peace Committee headed by Comrade Oladele Nihi (Peace Ambassador) and the willingness of all parties involved in the crisis to listen to us fortify the case that Kogi has renew itself and is pursuing a comprehensive and long-term political vision, one that is responsive to the challenges of the changing historical context.
Only a dynamic and strategically minded Governor Alh Yahaya Bello, Hon Momojimoh Lawal, Hon Umar Imam, all members of the state Assembly, together with a unifying Members of the Peace Committee had jointly promoted a larger and more vital Political ground for crisis resolution for peace and development in Kogi. The Peace Committee organized itself as one capable of acting as a responsible partner to the rising and increasingly assertive political interest of the players who ended up impoverished the masses at the end of their game and waded into the crisis.
Otherwise, a politically divided and self-centered politicians could have slide the state into a historical decline reminiscent of the humiliating impotence of nineteenth-century State.
Nobody will find it odd that the beneficiary of crisis will associate with crisis resolution process, a shameful stand that the shameless PDP has taken.
On record, Members of the Peace Reconciliation Committee were all reputable youths and concerned citizens of the state who abandoned their respective jobs and took a week off from the comfort of their homes to assemble themselves in Lokoja for the reconciliation assignment. They carried out the self-imposed assignment not on the order or request of any political party but for the interest of the entire people of kogi state. They reconciled the members so that they can return to their legislative chamber to make laws that could move the state forward. Just like any other state in Nigeria, House of Assembly is a key component of any democratically established state which form a perfect synergy with the executive to bring about good governance. It’s only the enemies of the state that will want the face off to continue.
– Onogwu Galacticus.

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