PDP Struggling in Mopamuro, They Will Be Humiliated in 2019 – Fanwo

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A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Mopamuro and the Director General of Media and Publicity to the Governor of the State, Kingsley Fanwo has dismissed media reports that about 100 APC members defected to the opposition People’s Democratic Party in the Local Government Area, saying the story is a “foam that can stand no air”.

Speaking with journalists in Lokoja, Fanwo said APC membership is growing by the day in the Local Government Area, urging the opposition PDP to stop their “stage-managed, self-deceiving decamping” in Mopamuro.

“We recently concluded our Congresses and the turn out of members in Mopa might have driven fears into the anus of the giants of yesterday, hence the recycling of members of their party in a purported decamping.

“Mopamuro is blessed with a political General in the mold of Hon. Sunday Moses Alumo, the Administrator of the Local Government Area and the indisputable Field Marshal of the GYB political army.

“We understand the leg-shaking of the PDP was to remind us that they are still nursing the ambition of taking over power. 2019 is here and the PDP will finally know they have faced political repudiation in Mopamuro.

“We welcome their opposition because it will put the ruling party on its toes to deliver more democracy dividends to the people of the Local Government Area.

“The State Government has not forgotten our people and very soon, we will shock the Local Government with series of projects, including the Orokere-Takete Ide-Agbara road as well as the Mopa Township Roads”.

He urged the APC leaders and followers in the Local Government to remain steadfast and united as the 2019 election is billed to drive a death knell on the opposition parties in the Local Government Area.

He challenged the PDP leaders in the Local Government to name the leaders of the APC who defected to the PDP.

“We have seen a story that said our party members defected to the PDP. But we have not seen their names. Where are the pictures?
“To us, it is a mere propaganda aimed at creating unnecessary stir. Our party members cannot leave a party where they are being empowered to a party that deprived them of everything while in power”.

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