Ordeal of a Kogi Local Government Worker; A Short Poem by Akubo Victor

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It is past 3 months and still no pay.
It is another new day but everything seem the same.
Our allocation keeps coming but who are we to ask.
What do I feed my kids with today?
No food, no money, only one thing left, HOPE.

Yes! My phone just beeped, oh no it’s another broadcast message.
Wait a minute! I think we have NULGE?
Have they been carried away too?
Or pressed down with threat?
What about our ALGON chairman?
Hmmm he is always smiling in the news.

Self interest overrides
We were granted LG autonomy but the ground will always remain the ground whether dry or wet.
I am Worker yet my kids are hungry, my debts are rising and my rent is overdue.
Which Way Do I Go?

– Victor Akubo

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