Opinion: Zigzag Republic

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The government against the people, the people against self. Nigeria is a complicated society. Except for the game of football, it is almost impossible to find all the ethnic groups come together to fight a common enemy.

How do I mean?

In a tweet not too long ago, former Senator Shehu Sani had this to say; “You are Happy Kanu is extradited but you don’t want Kyari extradited. You are unhappy Kanu is extradited but you want Kyari extradited. You want Igboho extradited but don’t Kyari extradited… “

More than ever before, Nigeria has become extremely polarized. It is such that our polarized views continues to rob us of the opportunity to deal with dicey situations objectively. For instance, why is the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) regarded a terrorist organization while the Miyetti Allah association is looked upon with the eyes of a lover by the power that be? We see it unfold in phases. Unfortunately, when a public figure errs or is accused of corrupt practices, our zigzag accusations is reawaken.

What on earth is Afonja, Aboki or Dot people? Simply put; they are code names readily use to buttress hatred for each other. You  don’t speak ill of apolitical figure in public domain because some people somewhere choose to honor ethnicity, religion…above all. Therefore, what ever the accusations, be rest assured that some Nigerians will make sure to defend such a person because they are either a notable son of the north, south or east.

I consider our zigzag tendencies to issues that pricks the mind aggressively. The resultant effect is that the level of resentment against the power that be keeps mounting. At the very height of resentment,  revolution is born. Why would  anyone shield or provide a solidarity to men whose worth is only measurable by huge petro-dollar loot? I am tempted to laugh because my friend Ali would say ” Dem find small something for the boys”. More like saying that Kyari may have erred but who cares? He is our son and so nothing must  happen to him. On the other hand, Igboho may have indeed troubled the peace of the nation but you need not try him.

If injustice is repeated overtime, people loose confidence. How much more can the people tolerate each other? A zigzag republic is no republic because such can only lead to a dead end may not like Afghan but properly worst or lesser.

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley

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