Opinion: Yahaya Bello Govt Lack Common Sense and Qualitative Thinking Required to Rescue Kogi State

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Democracy and Governance are two twin babies that cannot be separated. While the former (Democracy) denotes government of the people; that is, the responsive and representative of the people (Government of the people by the people and for  the people). While the later (Governance) is a sacred concept in human society that connotes provision of the basic ingredients of a viable and functional democratic government, which include provision of tangible and intangible  dividends a democracy. Like policies and programmes aimed at poverty and hunger reduction, to provision of functional security for the populace and also infrastructural, social amenities to improve the quality of life of its citizens.

The above concept of democracy and governance will be meaningless if the government those not employ the twin concept of ‘Common sense and Qualitative-Quantitative Administrative Thinking’, hinged on the socio-economic principle of scale of preference and opportunity cost.
Unfortunately, here in Kogi State under the leadership of Yahaya Bello the above concepts have been thrown into the administrative dustbin.

For instance, in the face of the harsh economic realities that is facing the state, where the state government for the past one year has not been able to pay workers and pensioners their salaries, talk less of completing and commissioning any capital project in the state. The same Governor was actively seen using millions of naira from the state purse to sponsor election in Ondo State. The single question is; ‘what indirect benefit or direct benefit does the state stand to benefit from sponsoring election in another state’?. The simple answer to the above question is that the administration lacks  the use of common sense and qualitative administrative thinking because if the above concept are employed, the administration would have thought it wise to have employed the wasted resources into provision social incentives to help cushion the effects of poverty and hunger that is ravaging the state like wild fire.
You can now see that the problem of Kogi state is not that of lack of finance but lack of profitable usage of the finance based on appropriate use of common sense.
Also, on the issue of the state government sharing 10,000 naira each to NYSC corp members for transportation after the completion of their orientation camp, despite been seen as a humanitarian gesture, to me in the face of the non – payment of salaries, this act is nothing but an act of administrative financial wastage. How can a sensible government be acting in such a way? Government, public funds are not meant for Bazaar and philanthropy or for personal political gains but to be used for pressing needs in human societies.
What is bad if the government decide as part of its contribution to the scheme to donate the shared money  to the NYSC authorities to renovate the orientation camp, which is adjourned as one of the worst in the country, by so doing subsequent  batches will come and enjoy a better and befitting orientation camp instead of dashing such monies to individual corp member. You can see that the whole act lack  simple iota of common sense and qualitative administrative thinking.

Furthermore, the absence of qualitative and quantitative thinking and the use of common sense have made and led the administration into an era of demonic administrative confusion, which has led to a political pitiable condition where a young government has to set or give itself and ultimatum before it can pay workers their salaries, engage in renovation of borehole and commissioning them as new ones rather than setting up water schemes, unlawful conversion of mass transit buses  to personal use, and  most worrisome the non- accountability of finances of the state, from the 20bn naira bailout fund to the 11bn naira refunds from the Paris club, not forgetting the monthly federal allocation and internally generated revenues.

Conclusively, the administration is made up of young energetic humans, and  only recipe needed for them to add to the cooking of a delicious democratic meal for Kogites is the use of Common Sense and Quantitative-Qualitative Administrative Thinking based on the principle of comparative analysis, common sense and opportunity cost.
The success of every administration is depended largely not only on the people at the helm of affairs, but the product that comes via the thinking and use of common sense in their quest to administer the polity.

– Enemama Simon Akubor


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