Opinion: Who is Having Sleepless Night Because of Buba Jibril?

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It is not exactly a new routine for the deputy majority leader House of representative, Rt Hon Buba to come under sponsored media assaults and skillfully planned attempts to tarnish his reputation. It is increasingly becoming a regular and periodic exercise designed to pitch him against the people and for the people to view his energy, passion and drive to Lokoja Koto federal constituency as negative enthusiasm.
Since I do not possess supernatural powers, I may not know who the drummer is, playing for the masquerades who have resorted to yet another diversionary tactics of propaganda, blackmail and falsehood to engage Rt Hon Buba.
The new season of paid attacks comes in a sweetly composed narrative that Rt Hon Buba should set aside it’s ambitions that is office at the green chamber is not an inheritance.
And I ask, did Buba stop anyone from contesting ?
My take is that this narrative is untrue as it is ridiculous.  It is then unfair for anybody to hide behind the door to throw shots at Hon Buba who is trying his best to bring ease and provide succor to his constituency .
The Rt Hon Buba we all know is a humble, hardworking, loyal, trusted, and God fearing man who is not desperate for anything.
The gentleman understands that time is of the essence in getting things done. Not even blackmail can deter him. He is highly focused and cares only about the people and government under President Muhammadu Buhari succeeding.
He is friendly person and tries within his human capacity to impact on the people he meets on a daily basis.
He is meek as a lamb but courageous as a lion in spirit, his consistent and excellent record continued to pave way for him. His uncommon achievements in politics, community development and his love for excellence and discipline endeared him to the populace. No wonder His Royal Highness, the Ohimege-Igu of Koton-Karfe and the Maigari of Lokoja both first class chiefs honored him with the chieftaincy titles of the Madawkin Koton-Karfe and Dama of Lokoja respectively. He is also a recipient of other titles and honours.
Rt. Hon Buba as at the last count has given out over 20 motor cars, 200 motorcycles, 400 bundles of fishing nets, 100 food coolers, 150 aluminum cooking pots, 150 sewing machines, 50 generating sets, 300 bundles of women wrappers, 50 cartons of Agro Chemicals, 30 Television sets, 20 water pumps among others.
Rt Hon. Buba has also facilitated and sponsored over 40 motorized bore holes in over 40 communities across Lokoja and Kogi (Koton-Karfe) Local government.
Rt Hon. Buba ( The Dama of Lokoja) has facilitated and sponsored the procurement and installation of 18 Transformers in 18 communities in Lokoja and Kogi (Koton-Karfe) Local government.
Rt Hon. Buba ( The Madawkin Koton-Karfe) has facilitated and sponsored the procurement and installation of Solar Energy Street Lights in 13 communities across Lokoja and Kogi (Koton-Karfe) Local government.
Rt Hon. Buba (The Otumba Daniel of Ekiri -Ade) has facilitated and sponsored construction of 4 blocks of Classrooms with furniture and VIP toilets in 4 schools and provision of furniture to 3 Schools all across Lokoja and Kogi (Koton-Karfe) Local government.
Rt Hon. Buba sponsored the provision of essential Drugs to 2 Health Care centers in Lokoja and Kogi Local government. Hon. Buba (the eagle) has sponsored 5 vital bills and moved 4 vital motions in the floor of green chamber.
Rt Hon . Buba sponsored medical reach-out in his constituency. In that medical reach-out, over 3,000 of his constituents were tested on various illnesses and those among them that needed medical attention were given free treatment.
Rt. Hon. Buba (The people’s representative) facilitated and secured jobs for over 75 youths of Lokoja and Kogi (Koton-Karfe) Local government, in federal MDAs.
The latest of all on the inexhaustible long list of Hon. Buba’s achievements is the training of 200 Senior Secondary School Students on Desktop Publishing and the beneficiaries presented with certificate and a Laptop computer each.
In a bid also to encourage the education of young ones in Lokoja local government Area as part of his constitutuency, Rt. Hon Umar Buba Jibril , paid for the enrolment fee of  students in the local government, for the 2017 WAEC examination.
The scholarship worth over 2 million naira for 120 students indigenes who are finding it very difficult to meet up with the current N17,000 fixed amount for the exam.
In recognition of his rare feat, the people of Lokoja/Kogi (Koton-Karfe) federal constituency save him another mandate for the third term.
First, on the platform People Democratic Party (PDP).
Secondly, on the platform of Congress Progressive Change (CPC) and
Thirdly on the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC).  Hon. Buba has delivered as such, we can say one good term, deserve many more .
It is unfair for these writers to hurl invectives on him. It’s position at the green chamber is making great impacts in the superior performance agenda of this administration and that vision is interpreted by his purpose driven
Within the public sphere, there is a renewed sense of trust and belief and I know Lokoja Koto is not new to blackmail and falsehood. In fact, the moment to opt to join politics, you must be ready for a fair share of the slice of the pull-him-down cake. But shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Those persons who are waiting to pounce on the deputy majority leader at the slightest opportunity are in for a very big disappointment.
The gentleman wears like a bootstrap the words of former President Barack Obama that politics is not for the faint hearted and so Rt Hon Buba’s soldiers are on without pandering to the catcalls of assailants whose bid, is to distract, and cause him to fall with a loud thud.
– Abbas Yahaya

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