Opinion: When Ideology Flips to Filialness and Divinity ‘Strikes’

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Many an African lack clear cut ideological stand of African origin. All with ideologies borrowed from the European, the American, the Arabian, the Greek and others. It is hard to hold an ideology in Africa without being labelled a rebel or nonconformist. This is because where a stand clashes with the ones being advocated by others who make gains from them, then you become an outcast.
Africans are among that bravest of creation, but here in Africa, nothing trumps filial relationships, hence nonconformism is criminal and can hurt the individual even to the family foundation. Rebellion, especially ideological one,  denies the individual in several of ways. It is even worse, almost suicidal to stand on the way of populist postulations. It is like profanation of a sacred creed punishable by the grievous suffering possible.
Nobody cares about changing paradigm and the dynamism of the existing world. That posture, people are yet to understand, that it has prevented genuine development and societal progress for the generality of all.
But God is the ultimate. When there seemed to have been bickering over the future we knew not, He showed himself mighty and proved to all that only He has the final say. Like it or not; believe it if you want, I learnt a great lesson.
Whatever ideology or motion I stand against, I allow my conscience to do the dictating. How can, in twenty-first century, despite my experience and knowledge, you expect that I continue to play with parlour ideology on any subject matter? No; I should not. Progressivism is the dynamic that serve as elixir to the society we live in. It should continue to be so.
But it is poignant that we note that no view is worthy of taking of another person’s life. No; none. When a contention to demonstrate superiority of argument or view gets off rail to wanting to hurt, then it is violent extremism; and when society degenerates to that point, it is an invitation to possible anarchy.
I had argued my point,  and where it was getting out of hand,  I rested my case. It doesn’t mean as a journalist, I should not write what I feel, I should, and I do. But to have continued to carry the matter on your head as though being ‘anti’ meant wishing death is the narrowest demonstration of understanding. It is also the boldest show of lack of faith. Left to me, let the matter rest. God, the alpha, has done what He has power to do, to which we have no right to questioning Him.
Even to this day, older relatives and family are being inundated with bemoanement of my stand. They are not told the truth. They are told I threw invectives at their camp. I didn’t. I am not giving to casting reproach in the name of commenting. Agreed I seldom lose decorum, but my wordings are all the time measured.
As a Muslim, we are taught to respect the dead. So, I paid my respect, prayed for Jannah as final abode. Mourned by making the picture a profile for a day; that is Islam – respect the dead, for one day, I too shall be no more. It could be in the next minute or hour; God has the final say.
Through and through Nupe person doesn’t say or utter evil against the dead, neither does he hold grudge against the person. To do that,  free your mind. Allow whatever begrudge to dissipate. That I had learnt from childhood and it has remained with me till this day and forever. Doing that (forgetting) to whatever issues that relates to the subject (relating to the dead) has given me the closure I need to be better. It is better that way.
It is strange that some persons still go about reporting that I was the loudest in my opposition of whatever their agenda was. They say it as though I was created to be their chessboard. They think my refusal to play their ‘game’ was sacrilegious. It is not. I know that, so do they.
Why would people who claim to belong to faith be displaying so much ignorance and spread hate on an individual on the basis of his ideological positioning? They make people from far call to warn of some non-existing apocalypse because one holds certain posture to an idea? Have they forgotten that none could be forced into taking up an ideology foreign to him? Have they forgotten that even God says ‘don’t force anyone into my faith?’
Some people stand at the precipice but the precarious nature does not deter them. They are tenacious holders to the idea they farmed. Popular or unpopular, they resolutely hold on. Some people do that with each minute of the day, they care little of the material gain it brings. They embrace it as they do their destinies.
Some of the hallmarked men are fated people. What manner of a man would even throw away fate’s role when all signs demonstrates its constant presence in affairs of man? When one listens, all becomes a thing to ponder. So, rest easy and for the dead. Pray for self for what you angle shall be or not to be if the almighty wills it not.
– Yabagi Mohammed

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