Opinion: The Wave of Change and Victor Adoji Political Ordinance

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Change is one of the only unvarying constant that has remain constantly unchanged.

It is a result of an alterations or modifications that has become difference in a particular way,without permanently loosing it’s former characteristics or essence.

Like catalyst, it retains and maintains its original property in adherence to the ideal’s of change that is uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing with unvarying and unwavering constance.

Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji is intrinsically, an embodiment of social justice and equality, an epitome of social realism with excellent debonair, artful articulation of political prudence, transparency, accountability, democracy and good governance.

A change agents with sterling heights and a precursor to the socio-cultural viability, unity and peace of the Igala Kingdom.

His political ordinance or control is ebulliently profound and prodigiously atop with tactical arsenal to dislodge the hitherto shallow rooted political gladiators with their belligerent and combatant disposition, exposing their nakedness and rotten political gimmickry aimed at impoverishing our people.

We must identify and reckon with this fine character,a traits that is sublimely rare in our clime giving exceptional significance of his high moral and intellectual capacity.

The Eastern shore political excursions may not be completed without Victor Adoji at the driver’s seat navigating through the process of remediation, resuscitation and actual restoration of our land with his bravura tenacity and empyrean endowment.

A worthy son of the soil with the interest of his people at heart.He is evidently, the very catalyst needed to speed up or catalyze the economic growth,development and advancement of our land.

As a man of diverse backgrounds with versatility and dexterity in human resource management and entrepreneurial know-how, witty disposition and charming eloquence, his empathy and compassion for all is a glowing attributes that stands him out among his contemporaries per se.

Igala first, om’ka agenda is sacrosanct going forward as Adoji Solution is key to addressing leadership challenges in our land as we strive to birth a new order to midwife the political Renaissance of Kogi East Senatorial Districts comes 2019, a change that is inevitable.

Ojoachele Akor Felix,
VAA Project 2019.

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