Opinion: The Urgent Need for a Media House in Okun Nation

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Sleeping on my bed trying to rationalize how to explain an eyesore that was shown to me on a Facebook group wall that was tagged an advertisement of a suya spot in kabba. I have since been disturbed by an argument that had earlier occurred between My good friend, Comr. Oladele Samuel and I about the urgent need of a media house in Kabba metropolis which happens to be an epicenter of civilization on the okun axis of Kogi state, the axis which comprises Local Governments such as Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu, Mopamuro, Yagba West and Yagba East.
With the human resources and Man power God has bestowed upon us in this axis, it baffles me how we, as a people have collectively looked away from this important part of human evolution and technological advancement that will help disseminate important and clear information to our people, promote unity, advertise business, employment opportunities, foster oneness and advance Okun agendas.
The Okun elites, politicians and business moguls have refused to look towards this aspect of development/investment in totality. This might just be an oversight, ignorance, neglect, sentiment or the combination of all.
 I in my capacity as a good citizen and an aspiring entrepreneur, though with clear patriotism and an eye on the future, despite not obviously having the financial clout to embark on this scale of Business and Developmental venture is calling on all the well meaning okun sons and daughters to as a matter of urgency look towards this important issue.
My educational journey, which took me to the great university of Ilorin, (Better by far), I have always plied Kabba-Egbe-Ilorin Federal Highway and have noticed a strange pattern in their development in kwara state. About 3 towns have a working radio stations which are privately owned, towns that are no where near ours, either by population, land mass or civilization level. Isn’t that a shame to us that we are discussing an issue as archaic as a radio station in this century.
We have teeming small and medium scale businesses, and organized entertainment personnel, and even religious organizations that are ready to explode and expand with good publicity which can be made possible by availability of Radio Stations.
It baffles me how we as a people, who happens to have powerful politicians in every administration of this state and the country as a whole, with the largess of their elected/appointed offices, never saw it befitting to even initiate anything close to a radio station or even upgrade the sole government-owned TV station in kabba to become functional again. We are gradually been left behind by other parts of the state. If we can’t by this time have a Radio house, when can we aspire for something more Advanced, Modern and Sophisticated.
We must reclaim our lost glory that is obviously slipping away from our grasp when it hasn’t even yet been contested with us.
I hope am able to stir up a little interest of our Well-meaning illustrious Sons and Daughters both home and away towards eliminating this blemish or Smirch from us
– Arakunrin Jide Adebola

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