Opinion: The Lopsided Rotation of NAKOSS Leadership in Kogi State

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The lopsided rotation of NAKOSS leadership is becoming alarming that threatens the unity of the youths and students in Kogi state and if not properly handled might cause upsurge. It can affect the social stability in our already political fragile state.
We call on the Government of Kogi State and all relevant stakeholders in NAKOSS  to take special note of the systemic marginalization of Kogi State students from Ajaokuta federal constituency in the scheme of things in NAKOSS.
This selective bias is dangerous, archaic and against every form of human development and socialization, the time to give Ajaokuta federal constituency the chance is now.
“Isolation is common to almost every vocational, religious or cultural group. Each develops its own sentiments, attitudes, codes even its own words, which are at best only partially intelligible to others.” But we don’t need that now.
It’s expedient to remind us of the Nakoss presidential leadership chronicle from inception as follows
Kogi Central 
1. Comrade Jide, pioneer President – Okene/Ogori federal constituency
2. Comrade Faruk Mazai Suleiman – Okene/Ogori fed Constituency
3. Comrade Momoh Yahaya Jnr (late) – Adavi/Okehi fed constituency
4. Comrade Abubakar Shuaibu Banatu – Okene/ Ogori fed Constituency
Kogi East
1. Comrade Muhammad Ali
2. Idrisu Yahaya Dutchman
3. Ibrahim Akiti, all from Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency
Kogi West 
1. Comrade Adebanji Aiyelabowo – Yagba Federal Constituency
2. Comrade Dare Zacchaeus Micheal – Kabba/Ijumu Federal Constituency
3. Ahmed Shehu aka Seme – Lokoja/Kogi Federal Constituency.
This is the present President of NAKOSS. Unanimous conclusion was made by the Kogi state  government through the office of the chief of staff to the Governor, to take the leadership of NAKOSS to Lokoja/Kogi federal constituency because it has not been there before and all stakeholders were in support of the agreement.
We want to commend the Chief of Staff for displaying that leadership of justice, equity and fairness that the new direction government represents.
We demand that this same feat be replicated in Kogi Central, in the spirit of oneness and sincerity of purpose, we charge those who chanted and spearheaded the course to see that NAKOSS president is zoned to the Lokoja axis in the west come to the forefront and ensure that  same is applicable to Kogi central.
We cannot apply different strokes for different folks
This marginalization precedes the present government, but  the government have garnered the political will to see that equity and fairness to all is key in all the student and youth struggles since her inception
We demand that same decision be taken in Kogi central in the spirit of equity justice and fairness that this present administration preaches. The time for Ajaokuta is now
In the case of  the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Kogi state chapter, it was also zoned to the Kabba axis in the west senatorial district because of the dominance of the Lokoja/Kogi federal constituency.
 The present administration through the office of the chief of staff also brokered a resolution that brought in the present Chairman, Oladele John Nihi.
No LGA should be given undue preference over others.
The lopsided rotation and favouritism is an act of impunity and it will spark an agitation for disintegration, separatism and to continue down this ungodly path will further heat up the fragile polity.
Consequently, if this lopsidedness is allowed to fester, it has the tendency to batter the popularity of the new direction government and anybody who thinks otherwise must be an unidentified object living in a different Kogi State. The inability to find an amicable solution to this present predicaments in NAKOSS would be disastrous to the struggles of lifting Kogi State
The new direction government must as a matter of urgency move in her usual direction of equity and justice in placing Kogi state Students and Kogi State in the comity of great States.
This lopsidedness is not only limited to LGA but also to institutions of learning, the early precedence in Nakoss was that leadership be rotated alternatively among Kogi state students in the universities and polytechnics and also Kogi state students within and outside Kogi State,but students of the polytechnics and Kogi students outside Kogi state have been sidelined in the scheme of things and anybody still living in the era that there exist a dichotomy between the university and polytechnic is not in tune with the recent developments in Nigeria,the federal government has removed the so called dichotomy and this dichotomy only exist in the mind of a few unprogressive individuals
Students of polytechnics are not inferior to their university counterparts,this discriminatory practice is unwarranted and worrisome, if this is allowed to continue it will shortchange or deny competent hands the opportunity to lead because of their school of choice.  “It will further question our level of education and exposure as Kogites if we still think and operate in this manner”
The dangers of neglecting this inequality
The inherent dangers of neglecting this inequalities are obvious, young people that have been excluded from the mainstream opportunities of life will end up feeling disenfranchised and become easy fodder of conflict, this in turn will reduce the sustainability of our common growth,weaken our social cohesion and security,undermine our individual and collective aspirations and our hopes for a peaceful society.
These inequalities must be addressed effectively and the time is now.
NAKOSS and her stakeholders need to embrace an integrated agenda and promote unity and all inclusiveness in NAKOSS.
No tribe, local government, ethnic group, religion or school is superior to others, the difference is equal opportunity.
The time to give Ajaokuta federal constituency the opportunity to write her name in Gold in NAKOSS history.
– Josiah Aliyu
Kogi Students Peace Vanguard

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