Opinion: The Kogi State, The Battle Field

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The Confluence State is now serves as a raw battle field for the politicians.
The acrimony between the state Governor, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello and the Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye has being heightened and become something very different. At this juncture, the APC state and National are still acting ignorantly nonchalantly towards the distractions.
Sometimes back, Distinguished Senator Dino has been in the news virtually every day or week by, whereby he attacks, and always use an insulting words on the Kogi state governor, the APC stakeholders are so weak to call the duo to order.
He sometimes accused some of the governor’s aides or appointees of attempting assassination on his life, which lead to the arrest of the Ijumu LG Administrator, Hon. Isa Taofik along with some accused persons, which they were later released, but can’t tell how it eventually went.
Varieties of insults, names calling, and accusations against the governor by the senator has been assumed now that is leading to the recall of the Senator from the red chamber.
The crises is escalating to the different angles, day in day out which nothing brought about rather, than greed, and mere hatred for a personal reason.
They were best of friends during the struggle of who to replace late Prince Abubakr Audu and during the inauguration of His Excellency Yahaya Bello as the executive governor of Kogi State, Sen. Dino who acted as the MC, he was so loud on the podium, cursing some presumed enemies of the governor. Perhaps, when the government of Yahaya Bello began after the inauguration, Sen. Dino was fully with the governor and some of the appointments were been given in his favour.
What later brought about their skirmishes?
Was it that the governor refused to comply with his larger demands, or the governor refused to give him his entitled dues?
I hereby pinch the duos to sheathe their swords because, it would not serve them best on their next political levels or aspirations.
The truth must be told, on this particular issue, the APC or Kogites should advise Sen. Dino Melaye, to minimize his all times attacks on the governor and other people across the country. It is becoming unbecoming of him.
There are other ways he Sen Dino could address any kind of issues with the governor, because, as Sen. Dino feels he is so strong hearted person, so also governor Yahaya Bello feel he is more a strong hearted person. Then, could two wrongs make a right? Never!
It is the governor I can personally preach to pacify on the whole issue. Sen. Dino is known with his kind of person in which, except by the mercy of God, if he may desist.
But sometimes, if you did not force a mad person to take medication or take a bath in the stream, he won’t. Governor Bello wants to show the similar kind of habit to track him down and that is not the best.
Then, the saying that reads as “if your enemy is in the gutter, you don’t have to fall in the gutter to fight him, else, the on looker shall see you both as the same”. Governor Yahaya Bello, do you want to be seeing as the same? No no no no no! Then, don’t act like that. The tools are in your possessions, use it wisely for progress.
We should remain a position of settlement or reconciliation in any fight. Never exhaust all our strengths and capabilities.
I hereby plead with His Excellency Alh Yahaya Adoza Bello, the father of the new Kogi state, to sheathe his sword to call on all the elders and the stakeholders of his party APC and even if possible, outside his party, across Kogi state to call a spade a spade, to move Kogi state to the highest level in peace, and development. We can’t continue in this form, we are always in the news but for bad, why?
May God almighty give you the wisdom and the zeal to handle it amicably to success, amen!
What else do I need to say, if they may hear?
– Imtiyaaz Imtiyaaz

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