Opinion: The Imperative Of A Fraud-Free Civil Service And A Committee of Fifth Columnists in Kogi

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I supported the screening exercise of Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) from the onset, knowing the fraud that pervades the states wage administration. I said it was courageous given that he’s a first term governor who will definitely face the backlash of the unintended consequences of this necessary exercise. I still have no regrets for this support.

However if truth be told, the news today that the government has asked for another three weeks after more than one year of screening is disheartening. In this one year there are genuine civil servants who have received no remuneration. There are people that have died in the process. There are families that are on the verge of starvation if not starving already, there are children that have dropped out of school …And of course there had been several strike actions and some are on going.  In fact there were several unintended consequences as envisaged which should ordinarily be considered a sacrifice to get it right.
Unfortunately One thing is now clear: the committee is totally incompetent and they do not seem to know the political consequences of the perpetual monotony.
This exercise laudable as some of us have declared it because of the tardiness associated with it , affects the image and perception of GYB unfavorably. 90‘% of Kogites who have got anything negative to say about Bello can only cite the Screening Exercise.
Yet the committee members are so comfortable remaining tenaciously on an exercise that should not have exceeded three months at most while the image and goodwill of the government that hired them takes a dive.
Even then their work,  time after time, cannot be described by anybody to be worth the pain and cost.
If I were GYB by now I will be suspicious of the motive of these people. It’s now obvious that they are not helping him at all. I suggest that if after the new three weeks extension, they fail to deliver or deliver another controversial report, GYB should get them arrested to get them to vomit every kobo they have earned in consultancy or honorariums.
This committee is a fifth columnist for Bello. If he didn’t know that before now, I he should do so now!
– Hon. Faruk Adejoh-Audu

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