Opinion: The Dubious Representation of Kogi East and The Emergence of Victor Adoji

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The beautiful thing about governance is when the people are able to enjoy the relevant of an elective position when they elect a candidate.
Kogi east senatorial is one of the largest senatorial district which house the largest local government in Nigeria and west Africa. But since the inception of this district among the senatorial district in Nigeria the district appears to had produced representatives who failed to represent us well in their style of leadership and cannot boldly point to any infrastructure projects nor amenities they had influence to be build by the federal government in the district neither do they sponsor bills or move motions of relevant concern to the districts whereas make the district appears to be backsliding and dubious of her kinds.
With the emergence of Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji, I have no doubt that the successful banker will reshape and recalibrate the appearance of this dubious style of representation to a well organize, and productive one with the sense of proactive, innovative and creative transform manner.
Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji who has come to sign social contract with the people he intend to represent their interest will know more better issues of concerns that affect the welfarism and progress of this district thereby sponsor bills that will influence the FG to put them into consideration and bring to be. I have no doubt that if Victor Alewo Adoji is granted the mandate and vote in within the shortest time he has to spend in office, he will transform kogi east from the stage it is presently to a more productive and organized one. The people shall enjoy maximum infrastructures, amenities and taste of good governance they deserve.
The bone of contention here is not voting Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji but the good governance that awaits us if we do so because the man of wisdom with his social contract is able to identify our major challenges in Kogi East. Support, canvas, endorse and vote Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji for the transformation and transition of Kogi East.
– Musa Abbas

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