Opinion: Sustainable Rural Water Rehabilitation Across Kabba-Bunu by Moses Olorunleke

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The Administrator of Kabba/Bunu Local Government, Hon. Moses Olorunleke has taken sustainable rehabilitation of rural water project as his core business across communities and villages in Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area. He said water is an absolute necessity for the people.

As it has been observed that almost all the communities and villages in Kabba/Bunu has at-least one motorized borehole but due to lack of maintenance culture almost all the boreholes are not functioning. They break down frequently and this has left the communities with no or bad water, walking a long distance to scoop water from the ponds, rivers and carrying it uphill not only the water unclean but it is also a heavy burden.
This has been the story until Hon. Moses Olorunleke, with his workaholic New Direction Agenda under His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello, sort for a special intervention to curb this menace faced by the people. He said that the rehabilitation will be followed by a change in the management of the boreholes to ensure that all the communities enjoy reliable supply of safe water.
Hon. Moses Olorunleke kicked off the project in a full rehabilitation and then entrusted the hand pump mechanics to keep monitoring and servicing the boreholes.
The contractor, FEM Technical Services Ventures invested time in sensitizing the communities and borehole users on ways to manage their boreholes to ensure that they provide the communities water services that last. With the consensus of  the traditional leader, communal and neighboring households, the boreholes was fully rehabilitated replacing old parts and servicing.
The following community borehole rehabilitation has been successfully completed  and handed over to community leaders/Village Heads; Odo-Aofin Kabba (Behind Temitope Chemist), Aiyede, Aherin, Tata, Odo-Akete, Aiyegunle-Igun, Odae, Olle, Bolorunduro-Otu, Idoyi, Odo-Agidi (Kakun), Iyah-Kabba, Akutupa-Kiri, Aiyetoro-Kiri,  Isado-Kiri, Ike, Okedayo-Kabba, Odo-Ape (Ile Meta), Odo-Ape (Market Square), Edumo, Aiyegunle-Egunbe, Taki-Kiri, Ihale-Kiri and Okebukun.
While the rehabilitation of the boreholes has been successfully completed as listed above the contractor is still going round the LGA for the rehabilitation of non-functional boreholes and also identifying  area where boreholes need to be sunk.
In the years past, safe water remains a distant dream to some communities but Hon. Moses Olorunleke has used his good office to make those dream come true by providing basic social amenities for the people of Kabba/Bunu LGA.
Ogbeni Oladele Samuel
S.A Media and Publicity
Kabba/Bunu L.G.A

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