Opinion: Stay Away From Politics, Stop Desecrating The Pulpit and Pray for Nigeria

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The rate at which Nigerian clerics involved in politics is worrisome and alarming. Recently we have seen the pulpit been juxtaposed for political sermon.
Clergymen now stage crusade to campaign with spiritual regalia and not to preach salvation the purpose for which they were called. They have succeeded in smearing their status as Men of God to a Political pastor, issuing prophecy that has no potency.
Today they see in Buhari a man that has the will to salvage the nation from the doldrums of set back and maladministration. Years later, the same man is adjudged to have failed and has no vision and good plan for the Nation from the same Clergy.
This is inconsistency and it must stop before the wrath of God descend on anyone who play politics with the name of God. Christians are not forbidden from participating in active politics. They are free to vie for any political position. They vote and be voted for.
It becomes preposterous when some pastors jettisoned their calling for politics. Visiting politicians in their offices in the name of either going there to pray for them or what I can’t really phantom.
We are tired of this charade. Christianity has a sharp difference from the kind of politics we play here in Nigeria.
Getting involved in politics by criticizing, condemning and issuing prophecy that has no power of fruition is capable of doubting the power of Christ in the faith by non Christians and we have seen that already. Politicians should come to the sanctuary for blessing and deliverance not Pastors romancing with them and condemn those that were not friendly and receptive to them. This is a misnomer and should stop.
Christians are expected to pray for the peace of their country and those in sit of authority as against mixing pastoral work and politics together. Enough of altar desecration.
– Lawal James 

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