Opinion: Shiru Lawal’s Administration, Achievements and Salient Points

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At the wee time of 2018/19 when campaigns were at primes time, the All progressives Congress (APC) Party, now the ruling Party in Lokoja local government and state under the able leadership of Hon Shiru Lawal and Governor Yahaya Bello made people oriented promises of making sure Lokoja is turned into a model city in the state.
This is at the backdrop of the fact that the local government is been engulfed in a serious economy retardation.  It’s no longer a story that the man Shiru is working praised for his sterling performances in water, education, health, drainages. But there are other salient achievements or his outstanding performance that are not only to infrastructural development:
He is doing as well in schools renovation and supply of educational instructional materials and consumables.
* Payment of salaries and recruitment of qualified teachers as tutors for extramoral lesson to make up for teacher shortfall in the education section.
* Renovation  and equipping of primary health care centres across Lokoja local government.
* In addition to this renovation, new duplexes of room are being built in this health care centre. The intention is to make a major health facilities available in all the urban and rural areas and to increase services available, bed space and outpatient services to the teeming population of the local government.
* These primary health care centre are also regularly stocked with medicines and other medical consumables. The Doctor-nurse-patient is also being worked on and improved.
* Empowering hundreds of women and youths through the poverty alleviation and Wealth creation program, where they are trained on various skills acquisitions .
All these are directly impacting the lives of the ordinary people of Lokoja local government positively and gradually improving their standard of living.
Other areas that the council administrator  is doing exemplary well, but are not so easily noticeable because of their intangible nature include but are not limited to:
1. Commitment to the rule of law and due process in all governmental dealings. This has resulted in the resuscitation of strengthening and motivation of the local government worker for optimum performance and prompt delivery of service, regular sittings of the team council, adjudging the council meeting to be the most proactive and hardworking administrator with his team in the council, to work and take decisions for the Common good of the people in the local government.
2. Prudence use of resources:
This has resulted in the uncommon feat of doing big things with very little resources and every single kobo delivers its worth to the good people of Lokoja local government. As a matter of fact, this is the secret behind the phenomenal performances of Hon Shiru lawal. He has succeeded in cutting out all leakages and contract over-inflation, resulting in more resources made available for more works to be done on behalf of the good people of the local government.
These achievements are meant to foster up Unity of purpose, an inclusive and all round developments in Lokoja local government.
– Mubaraq Yasmin

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