Opinion: Senato Atai Aidoko, Please Take a Bow

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If the word luck exist in the political space, then Senator Atai Aidoko can be seen as one of the most lucky politician from Igala extraction who has served Kogi not with their consent but through the back door.
Just like Yahaya Bello, he has been to the NASS four times now without election but through an induced court judgement that has never been to the best interest of Kogi East. serving 8 years as member HoR and presently serving his second tenure as a Senator representing Kogi East through series of court judgement.
He has never won any election from the post, he is not popular with the people not even his immediate country home Ugbamaka in Olamaboro local government of Kogi East, he has never campaigned, he has no agenda, no blue print, no tangible projects to Show after 14 years plus, he is not a voice at the national assembly yet want to go back.
For what? It is only an ingrate who will want to continue robbing people without showing any sign of remorse.
Times have changed, Kogi East will not seat, wait and have you steal their mandate come 2019, we have done that in the past and it didn’t pan out well for us as your representation has been abysmal in the highest order.
You have no place in the 2019 election, please take a bow and save yourself the disgrace of defeat
– Comrade Maji Isah

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