Opinion: Secrecy of Mr President’s State of Health is Unnecessary

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Despite being tagged as the most HONEST Nigerian with an unmatched integrity and incorruptibility, if President Muhammadu Buhari finds it difficult to be open and sincere to Nigerians who massively turned out to elect him into office by making public his state of health and challenge then Nigeria is in a deeper mess than we all thought. It’s unfortunate that despite having in place the freedom of information law which allows and empowered every Nigerian to demand access to information, the populace have been continually kept in the dark of the health condition of Mr President.

While in office as British Prime Ministers; Harold Wilson had colon cancer, Tony Blair was diagnosed with a heart disease, supra-ventricular trachycardia, Gordon Brown was diagnosed with an eye disease and even the current Prime Minister, Theressa May has recently been  diagnosed of diabetes. Not only were the British told and rightly carried along about the ailments of their leaders but the whole world was in the know.

Former Presidents of the United States of America; John F.Kennedy had autoimmune poly-endocrine syndrome while in office, Franklin Roosevelt had polio and Ronald Reagan was diagnosed of Alzheimer’s disease, none of these was kept a secret from the American citizens and the whole world.Similarly, when  former French President Fracoise Mitterrand was diagnosed of prostate cancer he came out publicly to tell the world.

The secrecy that has surrounded the health and medical vacation of the president is unnecessary, unfortunate and to say the least, embarrassing. Change should not only be about fighting corruption but a total deviation from the way and manner things were done in the past. Leadership and common sense have not been applied so far as regards carrying Nigerians along about the health of Mr President.

It’s true that President Buhari validly handed over power to his Vice to act on his behalf so that governance can continue in his absence, the fact that the tax our common patrimony is being used to foot his medical bills and other expenses gives us the right to asked question and demand answers on what’s going on with our president.Nigerians has the right to know.

– Hussain Obaro writes from Lokoja, Kogi state.


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