Opinion: PDP Resurrects Fully to Take Bold Stand in 2019

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Neither All Progressives Congress (APC) nor any newly formed party structure can take over in the forth coming poll except the umbrella party.

The rationale behind this guarantee assurance can be buttress from the fact that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called together her members nationwide as regard to the victory of Makarfi on the party leadership crisis in recent time. The level of turn out at various congresses and convention held recently are of higher congregation. The most suitable thing is the fact that the party has realized the need to put youths into cognition in decision making process because they are strength while the stake holders are the standing pillars of the party, in addition the party has realized the need to evaluate the choice of the masses in their candidates of interest as politics of this era is basically victorious based on the candidate representing the party at all level.

An added advantage is the failure of the broom party in all aspects. Nigerians voted APC into government to lead them to the promise land but in return all they received is recession and depression as a result of their confused government policies at all levels. If you are doubting the fact that the APC is more corrupt than the accused PDP below are some the economic policies evaluations thus while.

The pump price was 86 naira or less during Jonathan’s government and was paying about 12 naira as subsidy and yet we were buying petrol for 86 naira but in this government, they told us they have removed subsidy yet they have paid as much as 28 naira subsidy and still paying something close to that, and yet they are selling petrol for 143 naira. This policy is purely and directly affecting the masses negatively. This has affected the prices of commodities and virtually all sectors of the economy.

Poor management of foreign exchange. The CBN is the most confused organization in recent times. The value of naira has been reduced to tissue paper. You met it bad and yet the bad situation was more accommodating. Our traders can no longer go to market to buy products. We must vote this government out

Poor management of Agricultural sector. You asked us to go back to farm and we all went but you shot the door of importation even before we started planting. You got us hungry before our products grew to the harvest levels and that is why the price of products have increased to a high peak.

Their economic policies have affected the local companies. Some of them have relocated to the neighboring countries and some have closed shops. This has resulted to the high unemployment rate in the country and avoidable youth restiveness. You promised to create 1m jobs yearly but what we are seeing today was  loosing 1m jobs yearly.

Power sector management has worsen. More monies were pushed into the sector without any affect on supply and distribution of power. But to my greatest surprise we no longer see light at least once in a month but once in a year. This is painful.

Poor government spending. They did not get it right at all. The poorest so far. For instance, there is no measure in place to check the excesses of the state governors as per how bailout funds and Paris refunds were spent. The government is just busy distributing money to state governors and mindless of how they spend the monies. Talk about the amount of fund spent on the presidential jet packed on the ramps of the UK as well as the fund spent on tourism activities. This has made the Nigerian president an addition to the UK and a substitute to Nigeria.
More but few to mentioned but I  ague with you that  the APC has failed in all ramifications.

The leadership crisis within the APC will give us an edge in 2019 as their national party chairman now see the likes Bukola Saraki, Atiku Abubakar and sen. Rabiu kwankwanso as cancer to their party. This can make this men of achievement return to their party.

Having evaluated the above fact I am satisfied to testify that PDP will take over with full force come  2019

– Musa Abbas, a member of Omachi Isaac Achor political group, writes from Kogi State

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