Opinion: Obasanjo Spoke The Truth in His Letter But We Reject His Call for a ‘Third Force’

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Thank you ex-President Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo for your press statement to President Buhari.
Personally, I am not surprised at all you wrote about this failed government of APC and Buhari! I am not even bothered about your comments on PDP either! I am aware that not all human beings reciprocate good gestures, hence you can’t be saying good things about PDP.
But my worries is your calling for a third force!
In 2015, closer to election, you called for a 2nd force that birthed APC! Sadly enough, that party has failed and you admitted that today! And another election is here and you are calling for a third force when we are closer to the election!
Who are those ones that will form your 3rd force? Coming together of angels or aggrieved people from both the APC and PDP?
All over the world, it is the people that form the party that matters and not the political party. We must learn on how to deepen our democracy by insisting on creating strong institutions instead of building political parties!
Dear Nigerians, Obasanjo sold Buhari to you and you bought it!
You are now living with Fulani herdsmen.
You are living with poverty.
You are now living with  fuel scarcity.
You are now living with Nepotism.
You are living with non-payments of salaries.
Now he is about to sell another 3rd force to you. It is your duty to resist it. It is your duty to select and elect your leaders! Don’t be a dummy, don’t be a toy, don’t be like you can’t take a decision on your own! Take your future in your hands, insist on electing your leaders without a 3rd force!
If APC failed or has failed Nigerians like we all know, re-marry your PDP and insist on due process in selecting party flag bearers.
– Comrade Johnson Musa
House of Representatives Aspirant,
Dekina-Bassa Federal Constituency

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