Opinion: No Need of State Police

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The current agitation in Nigeria for the creation of state police, has become a debatable topic in the Nigeria polity.
Several reasons and justifications have been outlined for its creation. The reasons among others are as follows:
To eradicate insecurity in Nigeria.
To provide opportunity for the recruitment and employment of Nigerians in the police force.
To avoid monopoly of power by the federal government. etc
Be that as it may, it is important to note that creation of state police would consequently worsen the status quo. Because of the following reasons.
It will serve as an opportunity for the state governors to actualize their selfish interest: For example, the governor of a state can manipulate the state police to rig gubernatorial election since the state police is within his jurisdiction.
State police will by no means eradicate insecurity: There are several military and paramilitary agency in Nigeria, examples are the Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Immigration officers, State Security Service (SSS), Custom, Civil Defense, Special Anti-robbery Squad popularly known as SARS and many more, yet insecurity is the order of the day.
So, how will state Police be able to eradicate insecurity when the above mentioned security agencies have not been able to abate insecurity.
More so, creation of state police will lead to unnecessary duplication of duty: As long as there are several security agencies that are already in existence to perform some certain duties in the state on security and protection of lives and properties, it therefore shows that there will be no need to create more.
Creation of state police will require more resources: It will be more productive and profitable for the Nigerian government to direct the available resources on the previously mentioned institutions in a bid to equip and restructure them for better functionality rather than establishing another.
Double Allegiance: there is high possibility for the state police if eventually created, to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to their respective state, other than the Nation at large.
Creation of state police is not what Nigeria  needs now, but effective and responsive government along with robust economy. Thus, I advise that any attempt to establish state police should be waved aside as it wouldn’t add any tangible development to the Nigeria state.

– Omole Testimony

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