Opinion: Nigeria is Constantly at War With Other African Nations

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It’s now imperative to understand the importance of having political leaders vast in development finance , political economy, international politics and economics.  Leaders with humanity spirit and opened to adoption of information technologies and attainment of certain threshold of civility, obtainment of managerial soft skills set and
Distinguished value and evidence based decision makers.
We are in information age of global competitiveness where disruptive technologies and  rapid changes abound in every space, the absence of the above mentioned factors and many more will result to colossal damages or can occasion ineffectiveness and systematic risk to national economy and in every other space.
Yes, it’s important to fight corruption but why are our borders porous, why and how did we arrived at proliferation of ammunitions, where are the customs officers, state security services and directorate of military intelligence etc and what happened to their constitutional mandates? We are witnessing unprecedented influx of illegal and undocumented foreigners, did we understand the negative economic implications of overpopulation and its social and economic effects? What happened to immigration services and their constitutional mandates? Are the National Assemblies performing their oversight functions?
We are constantly in price wars with African countries that shared  same borders with Nigeria, while Nigerians are exposed to various import tariffs regimes, these  countries are profiting from the porous borders due to the differentials in tariffs on same commodities under the tariffs regime and they are growing their GDP against our wishes, yet our leaders are incapacitated or silence over these issues.
For instance, Benin republic is reported to import four times the value of national consumption capacities what then happened to the excess imports? They find their ways to Nigeria illegally.
It’s unfortunate for Nigerian government to consider Taxes and Tariffs as sources of revenue thereby creating dead weights and inefficiencies in the economy, how can our country impose 70% import duties on imported cars in an economy where the production capacities of indigenous car producing companies can not meet the automobile needs of the country, what happens to the use of import quotas instead? Did they considered the inefficiencies created by the policy?
Why do we need to engage in crude oil swap for refined products with foreign refineries instead of the use of switch counter trade or buy back counter trade with countries with refining technologies? Have the forgotten the use of counter trade?
What exactly is wrong with the leaders? Where are the economists?
How can we be asking for state police when we can not meet the UN standard of policing neither did we have the right economic structure on ground to sustain the projected change.
Who pays for the services? We have states that can not meet their wages obligation due to dwindling resources and we are clamoring for what?
What we need first is to review the constitution to accommodate the envisage change and proffer ways for state to have financial independence.
Why did we keep bailing out private companies / providing loans with tax payers money to investors that were supposed to operate with their financial capital without diluting their ownership structures?
This is simply unbelievable and taking tax payers for granted.
How come we are having unemployment crisis in a country with so much resources and so much economic needs craving for solutions? Did we not know that creating Employment is equal to providing solutions to problems?
Over 70 percent of Nigerians are living below poverty line and over 70percent of public educational structures are dysfunctional and dilapidated , what happened to the year in year out education budgets?
Our problem has switched from unemployment to unemployability, what is happening?
Banks declares humongous quarterly profits, subject their workforce to unimaginable conditions and yet pay them stipends and nobody is talking about it, what’s wrong?
Did we mean nobody is questioning anybody?
We need to grow up as a matter of urgency, the future is bleak for the youths, the youths need to rise up to the occasion before it’s too late.
Engineer Malik Abdullahi Okino

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