Opinion: Mitigating Recklessness and Economic Sabotage, Need to Review Kogi State Laws

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How do you feel when the only child of 18,000 wage salary earner loose her only son to death through an accident (careless driver)?
You can not destroy our roads by your trucks, kill our indigenes, use our roads as truck parks, warehousing and then set up 100million dollars worth truck manufacturing company in Lagos with capacity to employ over 3,000 people both direct and indirect employment and ship away the accruing taxes/ benefits and social development to other states.
I therefore call for review of Kogi state laws to appropriately tackle the menace of road destruction and lose of lives by heavy duty trucks etc.
1. Any truck parked on the road side for over certain hours (to be determine )by the state assembly will be regarded as using the road side as a warehouse or as a truck park as the case may be and it will attract certain fees with respect to whether the truck is empty or loaded.
2a. Any trucks that kill any of our citizens will be made to pay a certain amount of money in compensation to the family of the deceased and provisions of employment opportunities to the family as the case may be
2b. In addition to 2a if the deceased is a student then the company will be made to build a hall or classroom in memory of the student as the case may be
3. The state to design and build ultra modern truck park for Dangote to generate employment for the citizens and also control the weights of the loaded truck so as to avoid too much damages to our roads network
4. Kogi state government to force Dangote to design and built three state of the art warehouses in the three senatorial districts to serve as loading points for her products this will generate Employment and revenue for the government and the Kogites, this is because in Dangote’s business model, he is saving a lot of millions for strategic omission of warehousing along its logistic value chain thereby causing damages to our road network
5. The state government to look into the corporate social responsibility agreement as contain in her original MoU with the host community and Kogi state at large to know if it’s been implemented or not.
6. For security and economic reason every truck that moves on kogi soil can be stopped and search at any time based on the discretion of dedicated officers to ascertain the conformity of loaded goods to licensed activities in Kogi state.
– Engr Malik Abdullahi Okino
Senate aspirant, Kogi Central

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