Opinion: Middle Belt Mega Rally, A New Road to Self Consciousness

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Who are the Middle Belters?

This are the CRITICAL minority tribes that the Hausa/Fulani Jihad could not overrun. In other words, this are the real owners of this geographical region called Nigeria today.
This tribes formed the seven nations that were crookedly forged together by the British colonial agents to form the present day Nigeria.
What is the position of these tribes in the present day Nigeria?
Under valued and relegated to the background. The Middle Belt is the most marginalised region in this country today. When elections comes, they are tagged to the north but when dividends of democracy comes, they are forgotten like rotten eggs. Curiously, this region are the major deciders of elections in this country. There are about 40m votes domiciled in this region. We are very enlightened and politically conscious hence, participate fully in all of the elections held in this country today
Why are you so interested in this Rally?
Because I am Igala, a front line tribes not overrun by the Hausa/Fulani jihad. One of the most marginalised tribes who has lost her national voice and natural place in the present day Nigeria.
What is the rally about?
The rally is about reawakening our consciousness and forming a coalition to demand for our rightful place in the skim of things in this country. If we are king makers, why can’t we be kings ourselves?
Why should the real owners of this country be relegated to the back ground without recourse to history?
Why are our people being murdered everyday for no just cause and yet the government look away to our utmost dismay?
This rally will address this questions and more.
The date is 2nd and 3rd of July
The Town is Markudi in Benue State.
If you are one of the marginalised tribes in this country, let us meet in Benue form a coalition, raise our voice and demand for our rightful place in this country.
@Comrade Maji Isah 

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