Opinion: Lessons From The Travails of Hon. Taofiq Isa

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By my calculation, today makes it six (6) days that Hon Taofiq has been remanded in prison custody following the war of words between the ALGON Chairman and Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West senatorial district at the hallowed chamber which snowballed into ‘allegation’ of attempted assassination on senator Dino Melaye.
One will hardly believe that Hon Taofiq could face such an unbearable situation looking at it from the perspective of his position as an appointee of the Chief Security Officer of the state to overlook Ijumu local government area of Kogi State.
When this crises was brewing, both brothers were flexing muscles and supporters of both Hon Taofiq and Senator Dino Melaye were instigating more trouble for their principals. Few days after the attempted assassination, the ALGON chairman was reportedly whisked away by security operatives. This was quickly debunked by the supporters of Hon Taofiq. But power came to play here, Hon Taofiq was actually arrested by the Police for questioning days later.
When Hon Taofiq was engaging Senator Dino Melaye, my mind tells me, he is standing on a solid rock that can never be moved, just like many of us, vulnerable supporters.
Now, let us learn just one or two lessons from Hon Taofiq travails. I mean those of us that think we stand and never take heed. If Hon Taofiq, an appointee of the the Chief Security Officer of the State can be detained and grilled for over four days without intervention, be rest assured that those of us jumping and clapping hands in the heat of war between two political heavyweights will definitely spend months in that enclave called prison.
I have come to learn a serious lesson from this misunderstanding. Just few days ago, the media aide to Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters, Ogbeni Sunday Oni alleged that some men are after him. Today, he also claimed that he cannot sleep with his two eyes closed in his house. Ogbeni Sunday Oni is now a Chief Security of himself. There are few people that cannot be humiliated as far as the present administration is concern.
Who is fighting for Hon Taofiq? Why is the ALGON chairman still in detention beyond 24 hours the law of Habeas Capus instituted? Even Austin Okai got more attention than the ALGON chairman.
My Message goes to all the vulnerable supporters, watch! Speak with wisdom, when the heat get hotter, refrain. Sen. Dino Melaye has displayed his political might by telling the ALGON chairman that he has enormous power as a senator of the federal republic than a local magnate appointee.
Wisdom is profitable to direct, and in all our support let us apply understanding. I pray for the quick release of Hon Taofiq.
– Lawal James (Prof)

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