Opinion: Kogi State at Attention

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It came as a surprise to me that I find it difficult to believe what is going on in Kogi State. All the hope and expectation of Kogi people on Governor Yahaya Bello led administration of new direction has disappeared
into the thin air as the unimaginable thing is happening before their eyes.

I began to flash back into the past administration which we have hitherto condemned and I realize that the current situation of people which can be likened to as a sheep without Shepard has never happened.

The situation on ground that all the activities in Kogi State is on attention cannot be a thing of surprise to me because it portrays how inexperienced this administration is. It has never happened in the history of Kogi state that for about one month, all the higher institutions in the state have gone on strike without our Governor taking adequate measures at resolving the situation rather he kept pretending as if everything is well.

I got upset when I heard our Governor appealing to South Africa to resolve the xenophobic attack going on in the country but if i may ask, is what is going on in his own state not more than the xenophobic attack?

I am pleading with this administration to please correct his error before he can see that of another person. The National Labour Congress, Kogi State chapter, has gone on 3 days warning strike bringing all the activities in Kogi
to a static position. Only God knows if the warning strike will not generate to indefinite one probably by next week. It is true that some are uncleared in the ongoing screening while others have been cleared but it is unwise for this administration to hold back the salary of the innocent people and thus putting them abject poverty.

I want to appeal to our Governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello to please take appropriate measure to ensure that our people can laugh again.

– James Gift Arome


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